Friday, September 4, 2009

Look who´s here...

It´s Aunt Flo! (photo courtesy of have a special deal to send you chocolates the day she arrives...) Yup, Auntie Flo has decided to pay me a visit once again. She doesn´t ever stay very long, a day and a half or maybe two, but it´s the fact that she makes a regular occurance out of it that bothers me. Personally I´d like a 9 month hiatus from her, and maybe a bit longer if you know what I mean.

On the other side, I called and scheduled an appt. with my regular ob/gyn to get my pap done, and hear what she has to say about laps and hormones. You know, pick her brain to see if she has any suggestions. I doubt it, but you never know, and I do like her better than the old guy sitting behind the desk at the RE´s office. But for that I have to wait about 10 days. Sigh.

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