Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If only...

So, my temperature dropped this morning, on what was supposed to be 5 DPO, but now might be -5 DPO for all I know. FF took the crosshairs off my chart...even though they were dashed, they were still so nice to see! Of course, I might have still ovulated, but since I kept getting negative OPKs, I guess FF didn't want to get my hopes up. I took another OPK today and it was negative, so I guess we'll just keep doing the BD (although my DH is getting tired!). I know sometimes your temperature can drop around implantation, but I thought that was 7-10 DPO, so I'm pretty sure that's not the reason. I just don't want to deal with another mammoth cycle, so let's hope the temps go back up tomorrow and continue getting higher!

Apparently Michelle Duggar, of the TV family with 18 kids, is pregnant again. In the news story it says:
The 42-year-old mom of 18 noticed that she wasn't losing weight — even though she and husband Jim Bob were on Weight Watchers — and her youngest child, 8-month-old Jordyn-Grace, was fussing while nursing. In the past, she found a fussy infant meant a change in breast milk that came with pregnancy.
So she took a pregnancy test. "And lo and behold, I was just pleasantly surprised that this was positive," Duggar said Tuesday.

Don't we all wish it was just a pleasant surprise!

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