Sunday, September 27, 2009

We have movement!

Yay! It's weird,it was just a few days ago that I was concerned that I hadn't felt movement, or at least anything that I could, for sure, identify as the baby. Well, today, it's happened.

She's been active all morning. It actually started last night...I felt little taps in my lower abdomen, near my hip left hip bone. According to the last two u/s that's where her feet have been. Then this morning, I felt it again. Then, when I was lying on my back, I swore that I saw my shirt move in a little blip, near my belly button. I lifted my shirt and actually saw the blip! AMAZING! So I am lying around all day trying to feel it again. I cannot describe it. It's almost like catching something amazing out of the corner of your eye. You turn to look and it's gone! I cannot wait to feel more and for Mr. Divasaur to feel it too.