Thursday, September 3, 2009

Like a fat kid in front of a donut...

Today, I am excited. Yup, I'm like a fat kid in front of a donut, just waiting for the green light to eat it.

Okay, okay, so maybe my analogy doesn't really work all that well, but it's all that's popping into my head at the moment.

You see, today is my much awaited for OBGYN appointment. I'm still bleeding, and I'm totally anxious for some answers. In fact, I've bled pretty much every day of this 4th month of pregnancy... and some women enjoy not getting their period while pregnant... BAH!

I had stress dreams all night about this OBGYN appointment. I don't know if I'm going to get any answers (like, can they confirm that I do indeed have placenta previa), or if I'm going to be sorely disappointed and not get any comfort. Will I stay on bed rest, or will it be back to work for me? Will she be nice, or will she be pretty much like every other medical professional I've seen (with the exception of my family doctor) who will utter the dreaded words... "miscarriage"?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant on Saturday people. The most pregnant I have ever been. I love this baby. Mr. Legalosaur loves this baby. If I have to hear the word "miscarriage" one more time flippantly flying out of a doctor's mouth without a second thought, I will SCREAM.

I don't know how today's appointment will go, but I will find out in two hours. And I think I'll procure my-bed-rested-self a donut afterward, somehow, because I've never met a donut that I didn't really enjoy. Donuts make everything better.


  1. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Hope you get the answers you need - and that they're good answers.

  2. Same here I am sending a prayer your way. I hope the check up goes well for you and your baby.

  3. Good luck hon! I'm crossing everything that I have for you and Baby Legalosaur.

  4. I hope everything went ok and that you got some good news.