Friday, September 4, 2009

No answers, more waiting...

Well, I had my OBGYN appointment. My first meeting with this doctor, who will take over my prenatal care from this point forward.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand she didn't have a copy of my latest ultrasound report. And for some reason, couldn't get it while I was there. Which means... no answers. And more waiting.

So totally anti-climactic. I was really hoping for some answers. She made me feel a little silly by saying that even if they were able to pinpoint a reason for the bleeding, I wouldn't be treated any differently. The commonly accepted treatment for bleeding is bed rest. Which is what I continue to do.

I dunno, am I silly for wanting to know what's causing this bleeding? Especially the hemorrhage I had that sent me to the Emerg in an ambulance??

The silver lining is that she seemed really nice (if not a little rushed, but I think I was her last appointment before lunch) and she didn't mention the dreaded word "miscarriage", not once. In fact, she seemed quite positive this pregnancy can and will progress normally since the baby has been growing on target to date and his/her heartbeat is nice and strong. I feel so relieved every time I hear our baby's heartbeat on the Doppler...

And so, I wait. For another two weeks until I have to see her again.

Fingers crossed the bleeding stops!!


  1. You have every right to know what is going on with your body I hope they can tell you soon for a little peace of mind. I am sending good thoughts your way.

  2. I've been wanting to post and send you some major good vibes. I hope the bleeding stops asap! That would freak me out, too. But it's good to know that the little one is growing and thriving still. Waiting does suck, though!

  3. You are not silly for wanting to understand the cause of the bleeding. It's very unnerving, even when the ultrasounds looks good (yay!). I hope things are resolved soon and that you can relax and have some peace of mind. Grow strong, baby!