Sunday, September 13, 2009

Location, Location, Location

DH and I have been talking about raising kids were we live now. We live in a neighborhood of townhouses with a lot of teenagers running amok. They pretty much stick to themselves but other times they make trouble. Directly across from us is a house filled with teenagers with parents who don't care what they do. For the most part they just hang out out front and play loud music no big deal but the neighbors next to us have called the cops on them a few times. One morning last month I woke up and looked outside to see the neighbors cars egged and tire slashed. They even left an egg on their doorstep and our cars are right next to theirs and ours didn't get touched. There is no proof who did it but there is a lot of speculation. Then these same neighbors (who got egged) just got back from vacation and they asked me if I had seen anyone by their cars which I hadn't but they told me their tire got slashed again. That is a little excessive.


See my husband and I just mind our own business and we haven't been messed with. I remember what its like to be a teenager and cause a little trouble but we started thinking about how it would be harder to raise a child with a positive influence with most of the teens on this block (I know they are not all bad). I believe if we had a daughter it would be even harder. I see very few girls around here and the ones I do see dress like mini-sluts and have 5-6 guys chasing them around. I am not naive I know that kids will find trouble where ever they go but this place is not the most ideal for me to want to raise a child. I call it a neighborhood full of hoodlums. I know that about 10 years ago that was me and I turned out alright but I was mostly a hoodlum because of the people I hung out it and that is what worries me. I just hope that when we do have kids we will be ready to move after about 7 years after that. I bring this up because last night as I was trying to sleep outside our window a car laid on its horn about 12:30 am for about 30 seconds and then about 15 teens were running after it screaming about kicking some @ss. Does anybody else think about these kind of things too?

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  1. I would take the same things into consideration, if they're that disruptive. But, in all honesty, by the time your little one is old enough to actually be influenced by THOSE teenagers, they would be probably in their 20's and moved out... Who knows, the younger siblings might be better. They might not be... But I don't think you're crazy for thinking it!