Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is there such a thing as a 4WW?

So, FF took my crosshairs away again for the second time. My temps dropped way down over the past three days and I'm on Day 26, so I don't think it's AF since I've had much longer cycles over the past several months. I've also noticed fertile CM, but the OPKs I've been taking have been negative. Here is my chart now:

Pretty confusing isn't it? I think we are just going to keep trying to BD and hope that I just haven't ovulated yet. On the other hand, AF could be on her way I guess, but I don't know. This is really quite frustrating!


  1. Looking at your chart, I say you O'd on CD12. What happens to your chart if you take the negative OPK out for that day? BTW, what kind of OPKs are you using? Digital? Strips? Also what time of day are you testing? It may be affecting your results.

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  3. I posted a response before I read the one you left on my post I deleted it because it says the same thing you wrote. It is weird though that we are having the same symptoms. I wonder if it will stay the same. Maybe we can both get lucky this month! ;)