Friday, September 4, 2009

FF has done it again

Well, FF changed my OD to CD 19. It originally said it was CD 14, so now I'm really confused. It still has dashed crosshairs, so I'm guessing that there is still a chance for CD 14, but who knows! I hate to always whine about charting, but it's taking some getting used to! Who knew that getting pregnant could be so complicated?

I'll post my chart below. What do you guys think, CD 14 or 19? I wasn't testing with the OPKs at the same time each day, so I'm not really paying attention too much to the negatives. I kind of think it looks more like CD 12, but maybe I'm just being too hopeful!

I did go ahead and by a VIP membership for 90 days, so I'd better get KU within that time limit! Honestly though, at this point in the cycle I'm just thinking that if it hasn't happened, then we'll just keep trying again next month. I do think that more practice with charting will help me, since I've been so confused by it all this month. I do believe everything happens for a reason!


  1. Charting is pretty confusing, but we have some awesome ladies on here who know a TON about charting. Hopefully they can help you out a little.

  2. Hmm. The temp jump on CD12 is promising, but I can also see why FF is saying CD19. The iffy thing for me is your CM - it normally dries up after O, so it would be a little odd to have three days of it *after* O if CD12 was right. CD14 might be possible and would make more sense with your CM around that time...what happens if you discard the low temp on CD19?

  3. I wish I could help you but I have the other ladies helping me too. Hopefully you become pregnant and wont have to worry about it anymore ;)