Friday, January 29, 2010

Question for everyone

Since my last post I have been feeling some twinges here and there and normally I can pinpoint the moment I have ovulated but I have yet to feel that moment. Again I was a little thrown off because my OPK turned positive on day 21 instead of day 40 something. So today I thought I should take another OPK test to see what it said. This is what I saw.

It still looks positive 3 days later. This line is darker than other first but I have taken these tests before and haven't seen a line on them at all so I know its not a defect. That isn't normal is it? I took the first OPK on Tuesday and saw this.

Has anybody ever heard of this before? I am dumbfounded.


  1. The LH surge that the OPK picks up can last from a few hours, to as long as a few days! You should assume that ovulation will happen 24/48 hours from the very first positive OPK.

    If you ever go an entire cycle without a positive it could be because you never ovulated, or it could be because you had a very short LH surge. Many women test twice a day or every 12 hours when they expect a surge to appear.

    Hope this helps!

  2. A pregnancy would make your OPK turn positive as well. When you're pregnant, all your OPKs will be positive so if you think it could be a possibility, I'd rule that option out first. I'd say take a HPT and if it's negative, then you can start wondering what's wrong with your OPK.

    If the HPT is positive as well... then you'll know precisely why ;) Good luck!

  3. Did you OPK come with instructions? Mine says that the Test line needs to be just as dark (if not darker) than the Control line in order to consider it "positive". If the Test line is lighter than the Control line, it's a BFN. Your LH surge might still be building up and you may not have ovulated yet. Good luck!

  4. Honestly, that first picture doesn´t look positive to me. The line is close, but not quite there, so it might mean that you finished ovulating and there is still quite a bit of LH in your system. I´ve played around with them and found that I have some LH in my system most of the time, just not enough to have a positive result anytime other than O. I wouldn´t worry about it.

  5. Thanks for all the help ladies! I appreciate it. I am so new to all this.