Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good News

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a great time during their celebrations. As of last post I left off by describing my consultation with the RE. They drew blood to check to see if I had ovulated. I got the call a few days later and sure enough I am ovulating!! I figured I was because I can feel the pain and pinpoint my exact time of ovulation but it was nice to get it confirmed. This past Wednesday morning marked two weeks since I ovulated and my period came. I never thought this would excite me but because I have to get more testing on cycle day three I was ready to get the show on the road so to speak. Aunt Flo surprised me by being a regular period and not just spotting. This is the first "real" period I have had since coming off birth control seven months ago. More good news is this cycle lasted 63 days instead of the normal 75-77 days. I wonder if it is because acupuncture or if I am getting back to a more regular cycle, I know that 63 days isn't regular but for me it is closer. Before I was on birth control my cycles came about every other month.


I go in the RE tomorrow for more blood work and then next week for a saline ultrasound which I hear is a good time. Mr. Relaxasaur has to repeat his sperm analysis next week as well as go in for blood work. This cycle is the first time we will actually TTC so our plan is to have sex every other day so we don't miss my ovulation. All of this is based on the all the tests coming back with positive results. So we are keeping our fingers crossed!


I just got back from my appointment and I thought I was just getting blood work done but they also surprised me an ultrasound. I have never had one and heard about the "dildo cam" from other blogs. It wasn't bad at first but then she had to keep applying pressure to different regions of my pelvis. It felt like period cramps but went away as soon as she was done. During the ultrasound the tech did ask if I have regular periods which made me wonder if she always asks that question or if she saw something. I don't know why I didn't ask but I am guessing they will tell me if I have anything wrong after they collect all the data. My next appointment is for next Thursday which is when Mr. Relaxasaur will repeating his sperm analysis.


  1. So glad to hear everything is starting to work out! Still praying for you and hoping everything happens the way you want! :)

    Happy New Year to you too!!!

  2. Love your blog! Left you an award on mine.

  3. This is such good news!!! I'm so happy that things are starting to work for you!

  4. Glad to hear that AF is becoming more of a regular visitor! Good luck TTC this cycle! All the best for a BFP soon.