Monday, January 11, 2010


Yes, that is right chicken pox. I don't have them and that is the problem. My RE's office called today and said that I failed the varicella virus test. Apparently when I was younger I had chicken pox but I only had a few pox. I knew that I could catch them again so on account of my sisters both having a severe case they were sent to my Grandma's house because my dad (even with 4 brothers) never had chicken pox. So I have never been exposed to them and now that is creating a problem.


The nurse said that I have to retake the test when I go back in on Thursday. If it comes back and still says that I am not immune I will need to get the varicella vaccine. This would set our TTC efforts back three months because I would have to get a shot and then thirty days later get another shot and then retest to make sure my body has built up an immunity. I know that they use the live virus so hopefully this wont lead me to develop chicken pox I don't think I could afford the time off work. However, she explained that I could not have any of this done but if I were to catch chicken pox while in my first trimester (ya know if were to become pregnant) there is a great chance the baby would develop birth defects. I know the likely hood of me coming down with the pox is rare but it is something I would not like to risk especially with my husband working with children all day. So lets hope this test was a fluke and I wouldn't even have to worry about it.

I would love to hear your opinions.


  1. ack. i had chicken pox when i was younger, but only 11 pox. i've been told (i believe) that I may not be immune. i'm glad you posted this! curious to hear what others think. no opinions yet, but I'll call my doctor tomorrow and discuss with a nurse...

  2. My immunity for rubella (measles) came back really low, and my doctor told me that it was my call as to whether we wanted to put TTC on hold to get the shots or not. We ended up deciding not to (although she said I would have to get it ASAP after giving birth) - however, my odds of exposure are much lower than yours probably would be with chicken pox, since your husband works with children.

    I hope the first test was a fluke!

  3. I hope the second test shows you do have immunity. As you pointed out, since your husband works with kids, it could be worthwhile to get the shots before TTC. Did your RE recommend that you get it?