Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Delivery Date Scheduled

Wow. It's here. We know when we're going to have our baby girl. I just got back from my weekly appt. and the baby is measuring 7 lbs. 8 oz. (up from 6 lbs. 3 oz. last week). Having gestational diabetes that requires insulin to control it has prompted my doctor to go ahead and schedule us for an induction for next Wednesday, 01.20.10.

I am feeling very overwhelmed...just returned from my OB appt. and have scheduled an induction for next Wednesday 01.20.10. Baby is measuring 7 lbs. 8 oz. today (up from 6 lbs. 3 oz. last week) and is doing well, but my doc doesn't want me to go past 39 weeks because she's afraid the baby will get too big and that with my insulin-dependent gestational diabetes that my placenta is aging faster than someone who doesn't have GD and use insulin.

My next appt. is on Monday morning to assess the I was still just 1finger dialated (well she said 1.5 fingers now...and it hurt like heck...I pray that the baby coming out hurts less than the doctor's hand being shoved in!) and my cervix was thick. No wonder, I am only 37 weeks, 4 days and with only 5% of first babies come by their EDD, it's very early for me still. At that point we'll discuss the induction process. We'll check my cervix again (and see if there's been any progress). I am hoping I am a candidate for Cervidil, rather than Cytotec, but right now my doc is leaning towards Cytotec. I'd prefer neither, but I really feel that cervadil is the lesser of two evils. So on Monday, I'll be making my wishes known about that. I am also worried because my Bishop's Score right now is not favorable for an induction, which can mean that in all likelihood it will progress to a c-section. I am trying to stay positive and keep my eye on the prize...finally holding Libby in my arms.

That said, I am having very mixed emotions. I am thrilled to know that we'll be meeting our daughter very, very soon. But I am very upset that my natural birth plan is completely unraveling. I know when I got the GD dx that this could be a consideration but now that it's here I am feeling very sad that my body will not be allowed to go into labor and birth my baby on it's own. I am also very afraid of what could potentially go wrong, especially with all of the medical interventions that are being planned.

As I have posted, DH and I attended Bradley Birth Classes and have hired our instructor to be our doula (she's certified and also an RN). All of this has been in preparation to go totally unmedicated with little or no interventions. Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks and then starting insulin at 30 weeks have been a total game changer. Now, my focus is trying to avoid a c-section and I am trying to mentally prepare for an induction and most likely, the need for an epidural and of course, the possibility that all of it can end up in a c-section.

So on Monday I'll have more details...will we use Cytotec or Cervidil to ripen my cervix? Will I need to go in on Tuesday night or can I just go in on Wednesday? What I do know is labor and delivery will involve the use of Pitocin, which I really, really, really didn't not want to have to do. So now, I am mentally preparing for all of this and also changing my goal from going naturally to now, just trying to deliver vaginally so that I don't end up with a c-section. Again, I know c-sections happen everyday and that they aren't the end of the world, but I really don't want one at all. I also want to be sure that even if my delivery doesn't go as I wished that post-partum does. This means breastfeeding right away and having baby in my room at all times. If she has blood sugar issues I want them to test her for them in our room. And if she needs glucose supplementation I don't want them administering it with a bottle.

At the end of the day, I am mainly focusing on the fact that by this time next week I will be a mommy and finally be holding my precious baby girl in my arms. The rest? I guess I am just going to have to suck it up and deal. I pray that everything goes as well as it possibly can go and that there are no complications for me or for her. Positive vibes are welcomed!


  1. Praying away for you!! I don't have any advice. I'm sorry!!! I'm still waiting for my little one.

    I will pray and send awesome good vibes your way.

    And just remember, Miss Libby is the goal. A beautiful healthy baby! Can't wait to see her! :D

  2. I am sorry to hear your goal has been changed. I hope everything goes as smooth as possible for your delivery.

  3. Sending tons of positive vibes your way! I hope you don't have to get the C-Section but I am sure you and your husband will be thrilled to finally meet little Libby in person next week! Wow!