Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Huge Fundal Height Measurement

Hi Everyone,

I had my midwife appointment yesterday. Wow. It seemed like a lot of information to take in this time.

The major points include:

  • My fundal height is measuring 29.5cm when it should be 27cm...
  • My blood pressure is high (it usually is a tad high, but higher than normal this time)
  • My twenty pound weight gain in two months could be contributed to Gestational Diabetes
It actually makes it seem less overwhelming to see it all laid out in three lines of type. That helps. I think I was most alarmed by the fundal measurement as my husband's family makes HUGE babies. To put it in perspective I am just under 5'2" and don't think a large baby will be able to come out of me very easily. Not only that, but his family insists on bringing it up every. single. time. we talk about the baby. I truly thought that I would be able to convince it to be on the small (but still healthy, of course) side through sheer will.
My blood pressure is typically a bit elevated most of the time, and usually we do two or three reads to try to get the most accurate one. I think it's a bit of the white coat syndrome even though my lovely midwives dont' wear white coats ;) This time even the last read was still a bit high, and I'm just hoping it goes down. I was relieved to hear that they would be with me no matter what (well, except for a premature birth) even if I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, or gestational diabetes.
I am going to take the Glucose test tomorrow morning because I don't think I can wait too much longer without knowing and you are supposed to do it before the 28th week anyway. I also have to do a food diary for three days to see if there are any areas that they can help me in terms of nutrition. I gave a quick description of what I have been eating like and they both seemed to think that it sounded ok, but I do need to get some exercise in. I explained that my hips and pelvis are still really bothering me since the accident and they recommended swimming... However, as nice and lovely as all the weightlessness sounds.... the fear of the dreaded bathing suit may take some getting used to. I literally haven't worn a bathing suit since I was about sixteen or seventeen, and I admit to some body image issues. I am going to try to find a prenatal yoga class that will work for me because I do see the benefit in attempting to work out the kinks in my painful parts that will help me in all aspects of my life and this pregnancy.
So, I guess I will post again after my GD test, and hope that it's negative.... more because of the huge baby thing than the maintenance through diet and exercise... that I can deal with I just don't want to give myself more chances to have to have a c-section etc.
The house deal is basically gone through though (YAY!), but unfortunately our mortgage payment is slightly higher than we hoped for so now we have a new set of budgeting to do. Also, we hadn't factored in life and house insurance along with the property taxes etc. It's looking like it will be close to six hundred dollars more a month more than we are paying now. And although it is very much worth it it's still alot to take in especially when my income is going to be cut in half in a matter of months, so we really don't even have a lot of time to save!
It's interesting in Canada that because we legally have almost a year of maternity (at a restricted pay level) that there is basically no child care available for very small children. For those people who may have to go back to work due to financial reasons or because they want to they have very limited options of how to ensure their child is taken care of other than by a family member. I have asked my bosses to allow me to work part time possibly from home after the first few months of getting acquainted with baby, and they said to play it by ear but that it would probably work out great. So I'm hoping to maintain my maternity leave pay from the government, but supplement it with some part time work to make ends meet.
Anyway, have to go now, but have a great week everyone and hope everyone is healthy and happy!


  1. I'm not an expert, but I thought fundal height could vary by up to a couple of inches. I measured at 32 cm at my 30 week appt last week, and my midwife didn't say anything about it being out of the ordinary.

  2. Congrats on the house and good luck with the GD test!

  3. Congrats on the house. We just bought our own back in April and it is the best coming home and knowing its all ours.

    I hope you pass your GD test and my girlfriend found absolute bliss in the pool when she was pregnant.

  4. Interesting. Here in Denmark, we get a year maternity leave as well, but there's childcare up the wazoo. I was/am considered odd for not putting my DD in, even though I SAH.

  5. I just had my 18 week appt Monday.. I measured 19. She said 3 weeks either way is normal.
    maybe that will help you relax??
    about the big baby thing.. get hubby to tell them to zip it.. One of my friends just gave birth a few months ago. She had a schedule C-section.. but didn't make it. Everyone always picks on her hubby about having a HUGE head (which he does :P) and she made us all stop. C-section was scheduled for Friday.. she had a V-delivery on Monday... she delivered in 4 hours. From what I understand.. no rips, no tears, no nothing. So try not to worry.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    All your information is so reassurring! I had the GD test today so I hope to hear back soon, and other than all that sugar triggering a migraine- it wasn't that bad!

    It makes me feel so much more relaxed to hear everyone's experiences with measuring big too :) I feel ten times better!


  7. congrats honey today i have my fundal height done today and im 25 weeks and measured 27 she said it was fine with my 1st son i was at 31 at 25 and he was 7lbs 6oz i had water it could be just that so dont be worried many blessings.....