Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Impatiently waiting

I´ve had it with charting. Somehow waking up every morning and making love to the thermometer got old. So old that I haven´t charted a cycle in a few months...I still log onto FF and enter any symptoms or signs I might be having on that particular day. I faithfully enter our BD dates and CM, but no more temperatures. Besides, I think the dog might find the therm really yummy and want to try it out sometime...I´ve heard of it´s happening.

I´m not quite sure why I haven´t managed to get KU again since my last m/c now over a year ago. I really thought it would have happened again by now. I didn´t have any trouble getting KU the previous times....but something is different. And something made my last cycle way shorter than usual. I *think* I o´d on something like CD 9 or 10--way early for me. So this last cycle was the shortest cycle I´ve ever had at 24 days.

I´ve decided to take some action....So I´ve ordered the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor! I´m very excited about this for some reason. Maybe it´s because I´m a pee-aholic and hated the guesswork involved with OPKs. I just hope it gets here in time for me to use this cycle. It needs to be here by CD6 for that to work. I´m crossing my fingers that it does, and I keep checking on its progress. It´s been turned over to international shipping so hopefully that means it´s on the continent now. I´m impatient to POAS and see those bars change from low to high to peak fertility! I´ll be keeping you posted on my new CBEFM adventure, so stay tuned!


  1. I have considered buying one of those. You said you are tired of OPK's, but what does this do different other than be a little more specific? Please let me know if you find it to be worth the $$$ because at this point I'll try anything! I'm looking forward to your review on it!

  2. Good luck Lillysaur! That is so exciting! I am using my CBFM for the first time this week. We can compare notes. I hope you get the monitor in time. What CD are you on today?

  3. I hope you have better luck with the fertility monitor. I can't wait to read your updates on them. Hope you get your BFP soon!