Saturday, January 30, 2010

My monitor and me

My CBFM arrived in time for me to use it for this cycle. In order to use the CBFM you have to have entered the start of your period and current cycle day by CD5 so that on CD6 it can ask you for your first test stick. Pretty cool actually. All I have to do in the morning is turn my monitor on and see if it asks me for a new test stick. On CD6 I turned it on, it showed me the picture of the test stick, and I knew it was time to take action! I love POASing, so this part was lots of fun. I dipped the stick in my pee cup (cause I think it´s way to hard to aim and hit the stick without getting myself or the rest of the stick wet), put the cap over the wet end and inserted it in my monitor. Then I waited about five minutes while my monitor flashed that it was busy reading the stick. After the five minutes were up, the monitor said it was time to remove the stick. I removed the stick and immeidately saw my result: low fertility = one bar. Not surprising, really. CD6 would be really early, so I wasn´t worried. I repeated the procedure on CD 7, CD8 and CD9 with the same result: one bar=low fertility.

This morning, however, I got two bars, or high fertility, which means now is a good time to start BDing. I can hardly wait, and I´m sure Mr. Lillysaur will be even happier.

Here are some photos which aren´t in the right order because I can´t get blogspot to let me move them around in the post for some reason.

This is what the test stick looks like if you hold it up to light. The result window is transparent so that the light from the monitor can "read" the results.The darker line is actually the line for estrogen, and the lighter one which you can´t see too well is the line that detects LH.
This is what a high fertility reading looks like! (I´m very excited, can you tell?!)

This is one of the test sticks. The left side is actually the pee strip, but it´s covered with the cap.

The monitor while it´s reading the results, the test stick picture actually flashes to tell you it´s still reading.

And here the monitor is between the flashing.
All in all, I´m excited about the monitor. I´ll let you know more about it when I´ve had more time to use it. But sofar, it seems like it´s been a good investment.


  1. Yay! Good Luck! I am glad you are happy with the CBFM

  2. Good luck! Turns out I got AF this I'm ready to bring in the big guns this month. So I ordered my CBE fertility monitor! It should be here tomorrow so I'm ready to go! Good luck!