Wednesday, January 6, 2010

25 Weeks!

Hello Everyone!

It's been a little while since my last post, but I am relieved to say nothing much is actually happening at this point it seems.

Everything has still been ok since the accident, and I only have some minor aches and pains to deal with. In light of what happened that is an extremely positive outcome!

Our Christmas season was amazing, but hectic (like everyone else's I think)! I loved every moment of it, and in fact our Christmas tree is still up because I'm not ready to say goodbye yet! I am glad the chaos of it all is over, but I miss my girlfriends that came home for the holidays and have now returned to their homes all over the world.

One of those girlfriends is three weeks further along in her pregnancy, and our friends threw us both a Baby Shower because we won't be together closer to the date. It was a lovely night, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! We both got spoiled and it made the whole experience so much more real to see the tiny little things that OUR baby was going to need! I am so thankful to have the friends I do!

I am starting to show now... I believe it has changed only in the last week! It isn't quite as easy to dress as my regular shirts are starting to get a bit snug. I think I'm more sensitive to that right now as well because it feels like overnight I gained a LOT of weight. I'm thankful my appetite has picked up, but I wish I could feel more confident that the things I'm eating are as nutritious as they should be.... I'm still sensitive to alot of foods that I wish appealed to me more. I'm not eating junk food constantly or anything like that, but I am not getting very much meat protein, and other things like that. However, I am still eating and drinking a ton of dairy so maybe that is helping and it seems like my body needs it right now.

On Christmas Eve, my husband felt the baby for the first time! It was a lovely surprise and it made me feel like he was so much more involved after that. Since then it has been few and far between that he has been able to feel him, but I'm sure that it will start happening more and more.

We also signed up for our prenatal classes, and I am a little scared about doing them, but I'm sure that my husband and I can make it into a positive experience. It will be another thing to do together that will make him feel more involved.

In other news, we put an offer on our first house last night, and are just waiting to see if it will be accepted! It is a house that will need extensive renovations and I am a little excited/terrified to see how that will turn out considering I'm more than six months pregnant. I think we can handle it though- with some help! My husband is a carpenter and his dad is as well. They both have done things like this before and I'm excited to see them work together and make magic out of a little forgotten about house. I will feel guilty not being able to help as much as I'd like, but I'm sure I can be director of the creative aspects or something like that!

We also bought a new car two nights ago and I'm very happy with what we decided to go with. We got a great deal and the car is safe and great on gas. A huge selling feature for me was the four doors because as I'm sure you know the Jeep wouldn't have been easy for me to get in and out of especially with the baby! My husband is still in mourning over the Jeep I think though, and he thinks this vehicle is a "family" car and therefore, not very "cool". However, we are making a family, so I told him to get over it! I do understand where he's coming from though and I'm having a hard time accepting all the changes as well... maybe even more than him actually!

I thought I would be in new classes at this point at school and instead I'm still struggling through my ancient unfinished classes with no hope to go back to school for a while! I miss school (being in class, I mean, not these stupid correspondence courses), and I'm hoping to pick up some classes while I'm off work, but I need to investigate and see if it's even worth finishing my degree based on what my goals are in terms of work/motherhood. It's an ongoing process, and I can't waste money on something that I don't have my heart in.

Anyway, that's all for now, it's been busy! Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. Wow you guys have been busy lately! Congrats on the maybe new house (hopefully your offer will be accepted!) and the new car...and yaaaay for your husband getting to feel the baby move!

  2. Good luck with the house offer! Congrats on the new car and your husband getting to feel the baby move. Glad to hear things are going great for you!