Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Had A Miscarriage

DH and I are not currently actively trying to conceive because of my surgery. But since we were kind of told that if we were to get pregnant, it would probably be OK we stopped using condoms (latex allergy... I wasn't having fun with those!). But we were still trying to TTA through keeping an eye on my ovulation signs and going off of my regular cycle. In my regular cycle I ovulate on CD16.

Only this month I ovulated on CD14. Whoops! I still didn't think much of it because we are being very careful and DH is... uh... in control of himself. :) But when AF didn't come on schedule I started wondering that I *might* be pregnant!

As the days went by and AF still didn't come, but my boobs swelled up to over a cup size larger and I started getting dizzy all the time I thought for sure I was pregnant! I even took two pregnancy tests, but of which had the world's lightest line EVER on them!

I just happened to have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday so I decided to ask for a blood test to be done while there. But about an hour before going in I started having really bad cramps. I figured that was AF coming late, but I asked for the test anyway. My doctor came back and carefully told me that the test was positive, but I should go see my gyno. Because I was worried about the late period and weird symptoms so close to my operation I had already scheduled an appointment with her, and she squeezed me in Saturday morning at 8:15. About half an hour after I got home I started bleeding really heavily.

The next morning I went in and had a test done and my gyno informed me that my Beta was 7.9. 7.9 on CD17 means an early miscarriage. If I were still pregnant the numbers should have been in the hundreds. My bleeding had continued through the night and into the day so I pretty much already knew all of this.

I don't really feel too sad about this, though. It happened so early I never really had a chance to think about myself as being pregnant so I don't really feel that I lost anything. Plus it was so early that if I hadn't thought to take the HPTs I probably would have just thought this was a late, heavy, painful period. So... yeah!

My doctor doesn't seem to think the miscarriage has anything to do with the surgery. She said it probably would have happened even without the surgery, so I shouldn't beat myself up, which is something I had been doing. But I've decided we are going to be even more careful from now on REALLY TTA until the recommended recovery period is over! So in March I will be good to go again... unfortunately DH and I will not be together for my March cycle, so April it is!!!


  1. I am sorry for your loss. All the best for your recovery after the surgery and for when you TTC again in April.