Monday, January 18, 2010

Two Thirds Down One Third to GO!

We are in the home stretch now! It feels like the last twenty seven weeks have gone so slowly, but I can't believe that there is only thirteen (give or take) to go! It's gone so fast and so slow all at the same time. I am only now starting to feel pregnant, and have just started to show. Only one stranger so far has asked about the pregnancy. I am not very big, but I must be carrying high because it's just not obvious that I'm pregnant unless you really look for it. To me it FEELS like I have a mountain sitting on my tummy, but I don't really feel like I look much different.

The baby is getting bigger though, and is now making more pronounced kicks, but they are deep inside me so my husband doesn't get to feel much so far. The baby is still breech from what I can tell because the movement I feel is towards my back and down very low. Also, my new symptom is a nausea-inducing violent rib pain that almost nothing can ease. I have been told that it's most common with breech babies because sometimes their little heads are tucked up underneath the ribs- and it certainly feels like that is the case!

Also, sleeping has become interesting only because I can't roll over without agony. It's awful, and I can't tell if it's normal for being pregnant or accentuated because of the car accident. I still walk like I have been riding a horse because my pelvis is still very sore, and I'm sure the extra weight isn't helping in that regard.

In exciting news, the offer that we placed on a house has been accepted and now we are just in the process of doing an amendment to take off the "subject to's" because our financing was approved etc. So we should know by the end of the week a possession date! I have very mixed feelings about this only because we have a very small window of opportunity to finish the renovations before the baby comes, and as everyone knows renovations are NEVER as simple as you imagine them to be. I also am trying very hard to concentrate on school so that I will be done the blasted course before baby as well. I imagine we will be able to take possession toward the end of February and therefore be able to work on it for approximately two months before the baby arrives...

We also have to consider where we will live during all of this as we don't want to be paying rent and a mortgage at the same time! So needless to say if I thought my life couldn't get more complicated, apparently... it can! It's such an exciting opportunity though, and I can't wait to make it work I just wish I had more time and energy to devote to our new project. As it stands I'm having a tough time making it through a normal forty plus hour work week!

I have my midwife appointment tomorrow though, and I believe this is the one where we chat about the glucose test and set me up an appointment for it. I am irrationally nervous for this one! I am really hoping that the result is negative, but it certainly helps to know that Divasaur has done such a great job of having a positive attitude and managing GD! I hope that I would have her strength to deal with it if it happens.

I am also nervous about my weight gain and that I believe is what is making me extra nervous about the glucose test. I have gained almost twenty pounds now and only in the span of just over two months! I hadn't gained anything until after the four month mark, and now it's like I just can't stop gaining! I don't feel like I'm eating that poorly, but maybe just too much?! I have stretch marks around my old appendectomy incision scar (I think the skin may be weaker there?) and a tiny little patch close to the same area. Isn't this too soon!? I didn't think I would care about the stretch marks, but having analyzed myself I think they represent my fear of excessive weight gain; which up until this twenty pounds showed up overnight I thought I was managing quite well.

I think pregnancy is so beautiful, but unfortunately it doesn't look or feel beautiful on me, and that was a major surprise to me considering how I felt about it before I got pregnant. I know that if I am blessed enough to get pregnant again I will be trying extremely hard to get in great shape before it happens! I would love to have way less body image issues when I experience this again.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week! Good luck to Divasaur on her induction :) Welcome to Shortysaur! Good luck to Bibliosaur on the bargain hunting!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I've been having some of the same problems! Sleeping is getting very difficult, I've had terrible inflammation in the cartilage on my ribs for weeks (which I'm told is normal and just due to them expanding, but still sucks because I can't take anti-inflammatories), and I've had stretchmarks since oh, about 19 weeks (booo!). :-P

    Like you, I wish I felt that pregnancy was beautiful on me...Mr Bibliosaur tells me virtually every day that he thinks I look wonderful, but I don't feel it myself, haha!

    Thanks for the good wishes on the bargain hunting - I just found our carseats for $40 off, so I'm ordering those this week...yaaaaay!

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot going on! Hang in there...I hear you on the "walking like I've been riding a horse" comment...meee tooo! OUCH!

    I have found that stretching before bed helps with the nighttime aches and pains, as does sleeping with all sorts of pillows tucked around and under me.

    As for the GD test...good luck! Just know this...if you do have's NOTHING you've done or not done to cause it AND it's manageable. I freaked out when I first got my dx...but here I am, ten weeks later, and it's all become routine. And it's made me realize that I need to eat this way even after I deliver. A "diabetic" diet is just good nutrition and a good idea for EVERYONE! I want to focus on getting healthy so I can be the best mom I can be and this was my wake-up call! I hope you don't have it, but if you do, I am here to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

    Yay for it all coming together...the third tri just FLIES by! I promise!

  3. I had to adjust to the body changes too. I lost the weight really fast though. My son never slept and was always hungry. That meant I was always tire and hungry too. He was sooo worth it though.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  4. Oh wow...moving and expecting a baby! I would lose my mind! But you sound so calm about it all! But what an exciting time in your life! How wonderful!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my SITS day!

  5. Hey Ladies,

    Thanks so much for your comments!
    Bibliosaur- I'm sure you do look beautiful and it's so easy to see it on someone else, but it's quite an achievement to be able to see it on yourself. Your husband sounds like a smart guy!

    The rib pain is getting unbearable, and no amount of stretching or shifting positions seems to help. I'm praying that a dose of swimming will loosen things up...

    Divasaur- Your wisdom regarding GD has provided the most comfort to me during the last few days, and seeing you handle it so honestly but with such grace gives me courage to face it too!

    Jdaniel4's Mom- I'm so happy to hear that you lost the weight quickly, and I hope I'm as up to the challenge of being tired and hungry as you were!

    Peterson Family- Haha, your comment made me smile! I am definitely not calm about most things, but surprisingly the house stuff is so exciting it drowns out my nerves. I am more nervous about finishing my courses before the baby comes than anything else, and unfortunately that's what I can least concentrate on!

    Thanks everyone!