Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Luckysaur- Week 29

Hello all! It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything. Mr. Luckysaur and I were in St. Louis with his family over the holidays and I'm just getting into the groove of being back. I had a week and a half off for Christmas. It was really nice being off, but it's actually nice to get back in the swing of things too. Mr. Luckysaur and I had a few days back here before we had to get back to work which was wonderful. We got a lot of things done in Sophie's room. Her dresser/changing table needed an extra coat of paint, since the previously brown top was still showing through the white paint. Mr. Luckysaur worked on that project while I unearthed the pile of stuff that we've been accumulating for Sophie. I took off tags off of clothes and blankets and put it all away. We also painted a side table in the room bright red, which looks so cute. I guess nesting had started kind of early in the Luckysaur household, but it feels so good to get some of this stuff done.

Sophie, as well as Mr. Luckysaur and I, did well this Christmas. Sophie got quite a few clothes (she's going to be one stylin' little girl), books, and a sippie cup with her name on it. Mr. Luckysaur and I decided to go together and get a new camera for each other for Christmas this year. We got the Canon T1i DSLR camera and a lens so that we can get some good (hopefully!) shots of the little one when she arrives. We've been testing it out on the dogs. I think they're ready for Sophie to arrive just so that they don't have to have any more pictures taken of them. Haha! Mr. Luckysaur and I got money from Granny and Papa (my parents) to go towards an upholstered recliner/glider that we've been eyeing to rock our little girl in. We promtly went out and bought it after opening our card with the money in it. I made Mr. Luckysaur take a picture of me in the chair. comfy!

I had my doctor's appointment on Monday, which included the dreaded 1 hour glucose tolerance test. The drink actually wasn't as bad as I thought (and heard) it was going to be. It tasted like flat Sunkist. I usually like Sunkist (not flat) so it really didn't bother me that much. I got a call today with my results...135. Apparently this is the high end of normal, so I get to go back for the 3 hour glucose test as well. I'm hoping that it will come back normal. I'm dreading the thought of a diabetic diet or insulin for the remainder of this pregnancy, but I'm trying to stay positive. I don't go back until the 28th for that, but I'll keep you updated as I know more.

Week 29 has brought on a few new aches and pains as well as my third cold in as many months, but for the most part I'm still chugging along and doing pretty good. Sophie's definately growing and her kicks have gotten more regular and a bit stronger. I had a feeling that she was transverse just by where I was feeling her kicks and jabs. My nurse practioner comfirmed that she is indeed transverse for the time being. She told me that they don't worry about position until week 36 though. She's still got a little while to figure out that she needs to be vertical and not horizontal. For now, I'm going to enjoy the fact that she's not pressing on my bladder or kicking me in the ribs. I'm sure my time will be coming for those things.

Last, but not least...Here's our week 29 picture.


  1. hi there! How have you been? U look fantastic! happy New Year!!

  2. You are so cute! Seriously, you are just the cutest pregnant lady ever lol.

    I have my GD test in about 2.5 weeks, and I'm not looking forward to it...for a start, I HATE orange-flavored drinks, so the idea of something that tastes like flat Sunkist is my worst nightmare. :-P But I'm also really concerned that the test might come back with a bad result...I have no real reason to think this, I just have it stuck in my head for some reason that it will. :-(

  3. What a comfy looking chair! And you look great!