Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spot, Spot.... Who's there?

Could it be you, Aunt Flo?

Today is CD47 and I've had a little bit of spotting. I am actually hoping that AF is finally on her way. My cycles have been all over the place since my miscarriage in July. Cycle 4 has been the longest one so far and I'm losing patience!

I saw my family doctor this past Monday to review the results of my physical in November. I'm glad I made the appointment to see her as the lab hadn't entered by blood work in the computer. My doctor called the lab right away and had them fax over the results. My hormone levels were normal then. The only concern was my iron was on the low side. I had stopped taking the prenatal vitamins for a while and just continued with folic acid supplements. I have since resumed taking the prenatal vitamins and I hope my iron level is back up.

My doctor ordered a blood beta-HCG test and gave me a prescription for Provera to start my period. Since my doctor was going away on Tuesday, she told me to see the doctor who was covering for her on Friday evening.

I must admit, I have taken a few HPTs this cycle to see if I could possibly be pregnant. They were all BFN so I was pretty sure that the blood test would be negative as well. I did see the doctor last night and the blood test was negative.

This doctor recommended waiting for 3 months without a period before taking the Provera. As we are actively TTC, she was concerned that if I conceived recently, the Provera would be harmful to the pregnancy. Mr. Pharmasaur and I were concerned about this too. The doctor recommended that I go to see a gynecologist soon as time is of the essence at our age. So, it is back to waiting for AF again.

Luckily, I do have an appointment with a gynecologist for February 9th. I have heard lots of positive feedback about her which I find encouraging. I hope she can help us too! I was out today with a friend for coffee whom I remembered had seen the same gynecologist a while back. I asked my friend about the doctor and it turns out she was very impressed by her. And she has an appointment with her on the same day that I do, one hour before mine! So, we are going to meet up for lunch and support each other after our appointments. Strange how some things just seem meant to be, isn't it?

I am hopeful that AF is really on her way and that we can start to TTC again soon. I am still waiting to use the new Clearblue Fertility Monitor that we got last month. I was hoping I would get a BFP this month so I haven't even opened the package yet. I thought it would be easier to sell a sealed unit! I will open it up and pore over the instruction booklet as soon as AF officially arrives.

I also think I will have to stop being so stubborn and start charting my BBT. I have heard so many women sharing about how helpful it is. I keep resisting the thought of setting my alarm for 5:45 a.m. on the weekends!

But, sometimes the process of TTC involves making some tough decisions and sacrifices. The results will be worth it!

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  1. That sucks you have to deal with all this. I can understand my cycle was 63 days and it is frustrating. I hope you can find some answers real soon!