Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Great BD Opinion Poll

Today is day 10 of my cycle. I took the last of my clomid pills yesterday. We're getting ready for the big show this month and I need a little help from all you ladies out there with experience (and success) ttc.

My husband and I have been trying to figure out, should we BD every day during our window, or every other day? I have heard backing for both sides, and I wanted to know what worked for you. We have generally done the every day thing, because thankfully I'm "in the mood" from day 9 until day 20 or so. We give it every shot we can (pun intended) but obviously thus far we haven't had success (except many years ago when we conceived our little girl, but I really can't remember what we did back then). the comments section of this post, please give your opinion: every day, or every other day?


  1. I´d follow Nike on this one and "just do it" Good Luck!!!!

  2. We went every day, every other day and every other possible combination lol. It's probably just random chance, but for both my BFPs we actually did it for two days in a row, then took a day off, then went for another two days, etc. I don't know that it actually helped me get pregnant, but that way it was often enough that I didn't worry we'd miss out on a fertile day but we still had a rest. :-P