Monday, January 11, 2010

Seven weeks to go

Not seven weeks until I’m due – seven weeks until I stop working. Although my maternity leave doesn’t start until April 4, I’ve hoarded my sick and vacation days and am taking the entire month of March off work. This all might seem a little drastic considering I’m not even due until May 3, but I have a good reason for wanting to leave work early: as of March 1, I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant with twins.

I’d read in my beloved multiples book that it’s often recommended that you stop working at 28 weeks when you’re expecting twins. I actually laughed out loud when I read that the first time. I mean – 28 weeks?!? You’re barely even in the third trimester! But then I read a little farther and discovered that a woman pregnant with twins is roughly the same size (and therefore under the same physical stress, if not more) at 28 weeks as a woman pregnant with a singleton is at 40 weeks. Lest you doubt me, here’s a singleton pregnancy at 40 weeks:

And here’s a pretty average twin pregnancy at 28 weeks:

And here’s what I looked like last week at just 23 weeks:

After reviewing the photographic evidence, I can absolutely see why I'll need to put my feet up a bit earlier than usual!

The hitch in all of this is that I don’t have enough vacation or sick days racked up to stop working at 28 weeks, so I’m aiming for 31 weeks instead. I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to get to that point – if not, I’ll be forced to take some time off without getting paid, which would obviously suck, but is something we’d cope with if necessary - after all, I’d rather have to tighten our belts for a couple of weeks than risk going into labor 10 weeks early! But I have to say, I’m looking forward to it already. Between my back aching, my swelling feet, constant fatigue and Braxton Hicks contractions (did you know it’s common for them to start at 22 weeks with multiples?), not working is starting to sound better and better.

P.S. Want to see something that's fascinating (at least to me) and scary (also at least to me) at the same time? Check out this twin belly timeline, courtesy of Naturally Parenting Twins:

Look at that 37 week belly pic! Eeeek! But even though it's a little scary, I'm definitely hoping we can make it that long - so think positive! 


  1. Wow, I live in Canada, and although Canada's maternity leave is really quite generous in comparison; I still find it difficult to see how my husband I will make ends meet on the reduced income. It feels as though every penny is spoken for already! Australia and the US sounds even tougher!

    I hope that the time until March will go quickly for you!

  2. Sending you positive thoughts that you make it to 37 weeks!

  3. I CAN defintely see why you would want to take off NOW!! I am 29 weeks with a single and girl I stay tired:) Best of luck to you and your babies! Hoping you make it to 37 weeks:)