Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Telling the World

I'm thinking maybe I should've just hired this guy to come to work with me this morning!

So today I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and I chose that day to reveal to the world that we're having a baby!

I was really nervous about it...though I don't know why! Everyone has been overjoyed. Of course, we've already told close friends and family, a couple of co-workers each...even our City Council representative (to be fair, she's also a friend of ours). But today, we made it public. I started out by uploading a bunch of pictures of all the onesies and baby clothes we've collected so far (not a ton, but enough to get excited about!). I put those pics on Facebook a couple of days ago, but kept the album private and viewable only by me. I also prepared a blog entry for my personal blog, but waited to publish it. So this morning, before heading to work, I pulled the plug - I published the album on Facebook, posted a comment announcing the pregnancy, and published the blog entry.

When I got to work, I just started telling people. I wasn't sure how to go about it at first, but once I got the ball rolling, it was pretty easy. I work in an office with 50-something other people, and 95% of our staff is women - so you can imagine it's been a pretty fun environment for this kind of news! We have one other co-worker who's already pregnant, and she's due any day - so I'll just take over for her as the office Pregnant Lady.

I've had lots of smiles and hugs and happy conversations, and no less than three people told me that I'd made their day! Not to mention all the fun comments I've gotten on Facebook. Pregnancy announcements must've been must more sedate...and taken longer to spread...before the advent of the internet.

I've got another blog entry in me later on...we're currently searching for the right provider/delivery facility. But that's an entry for another day. For now, I'm just one smiley gal!

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  1. Hi there. I don't know if I had a chance to tell you yet but I wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy!