Monday, August 31, 2009

It's like the 2WW all over again. Arg.

Pregnancy really is all about waiting. Seriously, in the beginning you are waiting to get it on at the right time... Waiting each morning for your thermometer to read your temp. Waiting to ovulate. Waiting until enough days have passed where you can test. WAITING.

Then once you get a BFP, there is more waiting. Waiting to get it confirmed by the doctor. Waiting to hear the heartbeat. Waiting to see if you'll make it out of the 1st Trimester. Waiting to tell people. Waiting to show. Waiting to buy maternity clothes. Waiting for it to be real.

Then you finally can tell the world and shout it out from the rooftops! You are 13-15 weeks along and things have started to be real. But now... Now, you are waiting to feel the baby move. Waiting to find out the gender. Waiting for the Amnio or other tests to make sure everything is OK.

I have to say, end of the 2nd Trimester really is the best. There is the least waiting. You know the gender. You know your baby is doing good. You can feel him or her kicking up a storm in there. You have started to show and are now sporting a cute little bump. You have finally started to wear your maternity clothes, and boy are they cute! You are probably not having to wait to get it on either... And you have energy!

Then comes the end. And, once more, you are WAITING! Waiting for your appointments to be every other week, then weekly, waiting to hear how dilated you are. Waiting to fall asleep. Waiting for the crib to arrive. Waiting for baby to arrive. Waiting. Wondering. Is it cramps or am I about to have a blessed bowel movement? Will I know when labor starts? Will it happen today? Tomorrow? Will this backache ever go away? Will my ankles return? Will this belly ever turn into a real live cuddly baby?

So anyway. Pull up a chair. And a pillow. And prepare for the waiting that is pregnancy.

Btw, still nothing on my front. But I am now not sleeping very well. Tossing all night. Had a backache all day yesterday. Menstrual cramps on and off. Noticed on Saturday that my ankles have disappeared. My bump has moved beyond the "cute" phase and into the OMG YOU ARE HUGE phase. I get alarmed panic-stricken looks when people ask "When are you due?" And I respond blankly: "Wednesday." Yup. This Wednesday. In two days.............

As you were. I'll just go back to waiting................


  1. The waiting totally sucks. You're almost there, just hang in there. The cramping you're getting is a great sign that things are going to happen for you, hopefully soon! And then you get to hold your lil baby in your arms. YAY!

  2. Waiting is awful...and you are so right! It's never ending. Hang in there...your LO will make her debut any day now!