Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Juice me up!

Check out what I bought yesterday:

That is 100% pomegranate juice. Supposedly it helps thicken your uterine lining, which I suspect I may have problems with. I have to add that I have absolutely no medical basis for thinking this, so judge that however you like. I haven't had ultrasounds done to check the thickness of my lining, and my progesterone levels are fine - this is solely based on the fact that I have very short and light periods, which can indicate a lining issue.

So I decided that even if I don't have problems with my lining, since pomegranate juice is all natural, the worst that can happen is that I'm getting some great additional vitamins and antioxidants in my diet! Unlike baby aspirin, fruit juice is firmly in the "can't hurt - might help" category - it's not some kind of magical cure, but it's not going to hurt anything either.

You're meant to drink 8oz per day; I couldn't find anywhere what cycle day you're actually supposed to start on, so I went ahead and had my first glass last night. I have to say, it's not my favorite drink in the world. I do like eating pomegranates, but this is so much stronger and more concentrated in flavor. It's not terrible, but I found myself sipping it slowly rather than just gulping it down like I do with other juices.

Maybe I need to figure out a different way to drink it. Anyone ever tried making pomegranate smoothies?


  1. I love to mix it with 7-up and a twist of lime. seltzer would work too.

  2. You might want to google pomegranates and fertility. I love POM juice, but when we were ttc several people warned me that it is good for male fertility, but bad for female fertility, fyi.

  3. Jess I hadn't heard that! I'll have to google it - when I looked before, it was only for pom juice + uterine lining and there was a lot of info saying it helped...but I didn't try just pom juice + fertility, so I'm definitely going to look into that, thanks!

  4. it was the pom seeds that was believed to possess contraceptive qualities in ancient history, but now deemed more of a wives tale than truth. Pom juice contains high amounts of cobalt which is one of the main components of blood..which is what endometrium is made from.