Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the 2WW begins...possibly!

It's funny how ambiguous everything is about TTC. You can chart your temperatures, test with OPKs, check your cervix position and cervical fluid and so on, but some of the signs still might be inconclusive.

I finally got crosshairs on my chart, but they are dashed lines because my OPKs were all negative around the possible ovulation date. However, the other signs were indicating ovulation, so FF is guessing that it happened on Day 14. I wasn't really good about using the OPKs at the same time each day. I had pretty dramatic differences, like 11 pm one night and 2 pm the next day. It's possible that I might have just missed the LH surge, but there's really no way to know for sure.

It's definitely helpful to chart and learn more about ovulation signs, but it's somewhat frustrating that I'm still not really sure if I have ovulated or not, so we just have to keep doing the BD to make sure!

I'm going to try to add my chart onto this post. I didn't start temping until after my period since I had to wait for the BBT to arrive, so that's why the temps don't start on day 1. What do you guys think? Should we keep trying just in case or does it look like I've ovulated?

In other news, my FF free VIP trial is ending in 14 days. I'm trying to decide if I should pay for it or not. Hopefully we'll have success this month and I won't need to. Not to mention, I'll be glad to stop waking up at the same time each day to temp! Also, if I did ovulate on Day 14 and it was successful, then the baby would have been conceived on my birthday! :)

Here goes the 2WW!


  1. Yes, pay for a year of the VIP access on FF. Because as soon as you do, you'll get KU. Haha. The pregnancy tracker part is helpful. Not necessary, but helpful. So you can still get hour money's worth if you pay for it and then get KU right away (which is what happened to me....)

    Also, fwiw, I had dashes in my crosshairs on the cycle in which we ended up getting KU... So it's not a bad thing. Hoping this is the one for you!!!

  2. I have to agree with Politisaur - I loooove the VIP features of FF. None of them are really *necessary* - I just like them. :-P

    That said, I'm not using the pregnancy tracker - FF lets you put your account on hold indefinitely, so I'm going to do that until we try for #2. I've used the pregnancy tracker stuff before and (personally) didn't find it very useful, so I figure I might as well save the rest of my subscription for later instead of paying for a whole new one. What can I say - I'm cheap!

  3. Good luck to you! I'm one of the non-charters on the board, so I don't have much advice about the FF.