Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I´m Baaaaack

I´m back after a long abscence. The vacation was great and I enjoyed getting to relax and stop thinnking about ttcing for just a bit, but only a bit. I got lots of reading done and will be posting my reviews of those later, so stay tuned!

This morning Mr. Lillysaur and I headed to the RE´s office for our next bunch of tests. Mr. Lillysaur went for his SA which the doctor said should show nothing unusual since I´ve been knocked up several times, but he thought we should do one anyway since we were doing the penetration test. The penetration test is supposed to make sure we are "compatible" and that my CM isn´t messing with Mr. Lillysaur´s idea why we need this since I´ve been KU, but ok.

So In a very Mr. Bean moment from the film Maybe Baby I sat in that oh so sexy pose in the chair while the Dr. swabbed my cervix with various instruments to get a nice glob of CM....which he proceeded to stretch between two tong things and look at for its stretchability before placing it in some sort of container to do the penetration test. The whole stretching thing really had me thinking of Mr. Bean, which might have had me laughing if it hadn´t been so uncomfortable. I swear pelvic exams are never fun or sexy, but that seems to be my lot in life right now.

After the swabbing and stretching I got an ultrasound to make sure there was actually a follicle there, and there was. He said the follicle was over 20mm and my lining was measuring 7.7mm. I guess that´s ok. He didn´t say anything about it. It´s more than it was last time (6.5) so that´s good. The doctor thought I would drop a follicle today, but I think probably tomorrow. My OPK isn´t positive yet, so I think Mr. Lillysaur and I will have it off when he gets home tonight. Maybe we´ll have some luck.

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  1. I was cracking up at your Mr Bean moment - I'm crossing my fingers for you guys this round!