Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birth Control

Birth control was such a big part of my life from 19 up until this past May which comes to about 6 1/2 years. I have tried them all well maybe not all but I have tried quite a few of them. First, I used birth control pills which lasted all of two months because three days would go by and I would not take a single pill. Yep I am that spacey sometimes. Then I tried the patch. I stuck it right above my butt and it I wore it for 2 weeks before I noticed I had developed a fun rash back there. Next, I tried the shots (depo provera). I actually liked this one and used it for a few years. It took away my periods so I liked that aspect of it. I also liked that I only had to think about it every three months. After a while though I noticed it made me super emotional which I am already and when added to it I cried at the most ridiculous things included commercials and no not the sad hallmark commercials. Then I discovered the ring. I fell in love. It was easy (I made my husband take it out and put it in) it went in for three weeks and then out for a week when my period would come.

I only had one problem for the three years I was on it but this problem landed me in the ER on the day we were celebrating Thanksgiving with DH's family. I woke up one morning and I was bleeding and heavy not just spotting. It wasn't near my time of the month so I woke up Mr Relaxasaur and we went to the ER. After being there for about an hour the doc informed me that the bleeding seemed to be menstrual. I didn't even ask him to check for my ring although he should have knowing I was using it. Anyway, after we got home I asked DH to check for it and he couldn't find it so I realized I must have lost it somewhere a few days earlier hence bringing on my period. Then the hubb has this OMG moment he tells me he had found my Nuva Ring in his car (don't ask) and had thrown it away not realizing what it was. Good times. When it came to start TTC I took the ring out and had not given any thought to side effects. I should have though because they hit me like a ton of bricks.

- I had constant cramping in my uterus for 3 weeks.

- I was bloated

- I felt exhausted

- I had the most sensitive nipples

- my period was delayed for over 3 months

Some of these sound like pregnancy symptoms so I started doing some research and found over 100 threads from women all going through the same thing. I had felt better knowing I wasn't alone but at the same time I was a little nervous because some of those women had not started any new cycles for 6 to 9 months. I was lucky and ovulated on August 4. I just happened to buy some pregnancy and ovulation tests from the dollar store. I was down to one of each test and I figured why not test because my period still hadn't shown up. So I set the tests down and walked away knowing the pregnancy test would come back negative. But the ovulation test came back positive. I was very excited and in shock so I ran to the store and bought a pack of 7.

I came home to test again and sure enough it was positive. So I began running/dancing around the house in excitement. One problem though the DH was at work and by the time he would have been home I would be at work. So I called him to see if I could get him to come home for a bit and turns out he was right down the road! Later that night at work I knew I was ovulating because my ovary felt as it was going to burst through my skin. I am on my feet all night walking around (I bartend) and I must have looked so funny because at some points I was half hunched over and still trying to walk. We continued to the baby dance as often as we could the next few of days. The 2 week wait was terrible. I analyzed every little cramp and feeling my body had. When it came time I tested and sure enough a BFN. A day later my period came and now I am back in the game. My chart says my predicted fertile days are this weekend which sucks because DH and I are both so busy. I told him we will just have to find time whether we stay up late or get up early. I will pee more OPKs in the next couple of days and see what happens. I do have a question though maybe some of you may know the answer. I read that short periods can be a problem for ovulation. Is that true? I had my period for only about 2 full days and 1 day spotting I wasn't sure if that was something to be worried about because on B.C. they usually lasted a little longer.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your short period could be your body re-regulating after birth control pills. I wouldn't worry about it. If in 3 months it's still that way, chat with your OB. It took me about 6 months to have a "normal" period after going off BC so this is very normal.

    Oh, and I am just like you with the ovulation pain! I get it every time I ovulate from my left side and sometimes when I ovulate from my right (but not always). It's actually a nice indicator, even though it hurts!

  2. I just can't get over the fact that you can't insert and remove your own nuvaring.

  3. To Rockasaur: Thank you that makes me feel better hopefully my body works itself out soon.