Friday, August 21, 2009

Good news!

It's 12dpo and I haven't started spotting! Ever since I miscarried, I've started spotting on 12dpo, two days before Aunt Flo shows up on 14dpo.

Now this could be regular good news...I could be down to only spotting one day (maybe even no days?!?) before Aunt Flo, instead of the usual two...or four, like last time.

Or it could be very good news...which I don't even dare to say.

It all hinges on tomorrow's temperature - I always get a massive temp drop on 13dpo, leading up to my period the next day. So if my temp stays high tomorrow, I might POAS in the morning. If not, then I have my answer, and at least I'm not spotting so far in advance!

For you chart stalkers, here's how things are looking - the hollow circle today is because I woke up an hour earlier than usual:
Why yes...that IS another pregnancy test on 11dpo. And yes, I am properly ashamed. What can I say? If I have HPTs at hand, I want to use them. Next cycle, I'm not buying any ahead of time - if they're not in the house, I can't pee on them, right? Well, not without getting arrested, anyway...


  1. Holy cow! That's looking really good. I'm hoping that this is the month for you!

  2. Looking REALLY good! GL...I'm routing for you that this is your month!!

  3. I've been waiting for a post from you! There are positives this cycle, either way. :) I'll be anxiously awaiting your next post!!!