Monday, August 31, 2009

Psychic Predictions


My mom and I and a few other ladies went a saw a psychic. She says she can talk to your angels and guides. I don't think she read me very well. She said I would be ready to have children in a year (I am ready now) and she didn't say anything about the situation going on with my body. She told me my husband steals my energy and asked if I was happy with my marriage my response was something like are you kidding me I have one of the greatest most supportive husbands ever. She did touch on a few things but it was pretty much a waste of my money.

Today was great DH and I took our 3 year old niece to the Brookfield Zoo. It was a fun but a tiring experience. Everyone there was either pushing a stroller or was pregnant it was crazy. They had a dinosaur exhibit going on and had the names of the dinosaurs on a plaque and all I could think of was this site and all the women and their names because the dinosaurs had names like Allosaurus and the gift shop was named Shopasaur. At one point our niece was looking a little bored so when the dinosaurs would roar and move I would run and tell her they were chasing us and she got a kick out that. She was standing near one trying to get my attention to play the "run away" game and the dinosaur which was about 3 feet away from the fence roared and moved and she screamed (a real scream) and ran towards the hubby and I. The adults including us were laughing it was too cute. I imagine in her mind she saw something like this.


Anyway, it was great to see DH interacting with our niece holding her on his shoulders and holding her hand as we walked around. I can't wait to see him as a father. Speaking of I am coming on my fertile days according to my chart. It says they started Sat but I think it was more like yesterday (Sunday) according to my CM. I took a OPK but it was negative but looks more dark than it did a couple of days ago so it might be this Tuesday. I can't seem to wake up the same time everyday though to take my temp. This morning I woke up in the middle of a nightmare and took my temp which said 97.9 which was way too high for what its been so I waited ten minutes just laying there and it went down back to 97.1. So we have been doing the baby dance the last few days and will continue for the next few so we'll see what happens.

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  1. Good luck! Temping can be pretty addicting can´t it?! I still ge excited about waking-up and seeing the temp spike.