Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!

I posted before that I was a little worried about my lack of symptoms when I got my BFP - I felt fine. Normal. Nothing like how I felt with my last pregnancy. Until now.

In the last two days, there has been a sudden onslaught of symptoms. First and formost - FATIGUE.

I typed "fatigue" in caps for a reason. I'm so exhausted that I literally want to burst into tears half the time - it doesn't help that my job can be physically demanding at times, which makes it even worse.

Second, the girls are getting pretty tender. In fact, they're downright painful!
I'm actually taking this as a good thing - they never really got sore last time, so I'm viewing this as a sign that my little one is nestled in firmly and my hormone levels are skyrocketing.

And just like last time, I'm burping like a mofo.

Sexy!!! Most pregnant women fart. I seem to burp. Classy, I know.

Out of these three, it's the fatigue that's really knocking me around - I'm desperately struggling just to make it through the workday. For the pregnant readers out there: how bad was your fatigue? Is there any chance this will wear off before the second trimester begins? Give me some hope!


  1. I have fatigue really bad right now and I have started dry heaving...Booo to first tri symptoms!
    Oh and I am 7 weeks.

  2. I was tired upon exausted! Mine went away about about 18 weeks then I got a burst of nesting energy. For me the breast tenderness hasn't gone away though :(

  3. I am going to say as much as the first tri symptoms suck, I am SO glad you're having them! YAY!
    My fatigue has finally let up in the last 10 days or so and nausea is all but gone. The gas and sore bewbies? Still very much with me and add to it raging heartburn that kicks in at 8:30 p.m. every night, no matter what I have or have not eaten!

  4. OMG that polar bear picture is EXACTLY how I feel lately!! And yes, it is absolutely overwhelming exhaustion. I feel it every day, all the time (just yawned, no kidding, while typing this). But I'm excited to hear you're having good symptoms!