Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting it on for the first time

Today was the first time since I got the BFP that we've had sex. Actually, now that I think about it, it's the first time we've done it since I ovulated. There was no reason that we held off between my O-date and the BFP, but there was after I got that first (yes, first - I'll post about the rest later) positive pregnancy test. And it's all due to me.

When I miscarried, it happened the day after we had sex for the first time following my BFP. We weren't getting it on very much because I felt so exhausted - my sex drive was nonexistent - so it was a pretty good day when we finally did the deed. And then I miscarried.

Now, I know that the two things had nothing to do with each other. I absolutely, positively, 100% know that sex didn't cause the miscarriage. Whatever went wrong had already happened before that night. But it still left me feeling frightened and wary this time around; even though I intellectually understood that sex would not cause a miscarriage, emotionally I was far less secure. It was irrational and I knew that, but I couldn't help it. And since I've read that some pregnant women spot after sex, I was even more nervous - even if the spotting was harmless, seeing that blood would have freaked me out.

Mr Bibliosaur was very supporting, encouraging me to take all the time I needed to feel confident enough to give it a try. So today, after sleeping in for a loooooong time (it's amazing how much the fatigue wipes your libido!), I told him I was ready. And it was fine! We went slow and there wasn't any spotting, so I'm feeling far more confident about getting it on in the future.

People keep telling me to enjoy the first trimester sex now, before the morning sickness hits - but honestly, I'm having a hard time getting in the mood because I'm just so tired all the time. Am I alone in this? Is everyone else getting it on all the time in the first month or two? I miss having regular sex, but how do you get past the fatigue?


  1. Ha! Forget it. Between fatigue and pukiness, it was not happening. All the spotting didn't help either. But if you two are able to keep it up, I'm impressed and proud of you!!

  2. LOL... Props to you! As long as your dr says it's OK, keep it up! I didn't get much 1st Tri romance since DH was freaking out about it. But 2nd Tri was fabulous. Then I didn't get anything in the 3rd Tri until last Thursday when I seriously seduced him in a mad attempt to use him to start labor... It didn't work, but man was it fun!