Friday, August 28, 2009


Mr. Lillysaur and I ventured to the RE today for our follow-up appt. It turns out that Mr. Lillysaur has great sperm, I have great CM, and Mr. Lillysaur´s sperm really like my CM and can swim around in it for hours....yes, someone got to watch the little buggers swim around for four hours under a microscope. I´m glad that´s not my job.

My hormone tests came back normal. Nothing there. So where do we go from here? Apparently we move on to having a laprascope. I was thinking HSG, but the doctor said only in combo with said laprascope. So I will have to venture to a clinic that specializes in this procedure for out-patient purposes. The test must be done sometime after you stop bleeding and before you ovulate...ok. So on Monday I´m going to make the call and see if we can get in for the procedure in a couple of weeks. I´m a little nervous. No, I am nervous. But I want to know if everything is ok, or if there is any scarring from the D&E I had last year. The RE said after this test we will know more and can go from there.

I am hoping, praying that by some miracle I am pregnant with my sticky baby and that I won´t have to go for the procedure. I know it´s a long shot, but a girl can hope and dream right?


  1. Absolutely you can hope! You never know what can happen...

  2. Sending you baby dust and lots of good luck wishes! :-)