Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So about those magic opks...

Remember the new OPKs I bought that turned out to be not so magical after all? Here's how that worked out...

Since I've been getting positives on CD10 lately, I started testing on CD9:

Honestly, this one confused the hell out of me. It's mostly lighter than the control line, but there is a dark shade on the left of the test line, and that's the same shade as the control. I'd read conflicting opinions on this - some say to count it as a negative, others to count it as a positive. Eventually I just marked it as a negative - since I knew it was unlikely that I'd be ovulating this early anyway, I figured it wasn't a big deal.

CD10 was more solid, but I still wasn't sure about this one - the contrast is clearer in the photo, but in person it was hard to tell if it was the same shade or not:

I decided to confirm with the last digital OPK I had in the house, too. And voila! Confirmed positive!

On CD11 I didn't expect to get a positive at all - for the last couple of cycles, it's been a +OPK on CD10 and then nothing for the next several tests before I finally ovulate on CD13. But look!

The test line was waaaaaaay darker than the control! That meant I had two positive OPKs in a row for the first time EVER! There was a lot of happy dancing around the Bibliosaur house that day, believe me!

And then on CD12...

ANOTHER positive OPK! I was in so much shock over this that I actually called Mr Bibliosaur to the bathroom to ask him whether he thought the first line was darker or not.

I have to say, three positives in a row have severely shaken my confidence in my beloved digitals - they're obviously waaaaay less sensitive than the regular strips if they've been returning negatives this whole time when my surge has actually lasted for far longer.

That said, although I think I might go with the regular double line OPK again next cycle, I'm not sure I'd buy this brand again - gotta love the pink holder, but the control line is so light that it's sometimes hard to tell if the test line is dark enough to be a positive or not (these were much fainter in person than they look in these photos).

So where am I now? It's cycle day 14, and it looks like I ovulated a day earlier than expected, on CD12 instead of the usual 13:

I'm expecting to see this confirmed with a third high temp and crosshairs tomorrow morning, so wish me luck for this cycle - I'm two days past ovulation and officially in the two week wait!


  1. Glad you've done this litter experiment, since I know you were thinking you might have a really short LH surge. Turns out it was those pesky digital OPKs! So, yes, cheapie internet strips may be the way to go...or as I have touted...a CBEFM! I swear! It takes ALL of the guess work out. Maybe I can lend you mine? I won't be needing it for at least 2 more years!

  2. Ugh...that should be LITTLE experiment. Although it could result in a LITTER! LOL!

  3. Very exciting! I'm crossing my fingers and toes so tightly it hurts!

  4. Really hoping that this is your cycle! Sending lots of baby dust your way. GL on your 2WW!

  5. Looks like your experiment worked! WOOT!