Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pirates vs Ninjas

Like any good nerds, Mr Bibliosaur and I wage a constant battle about which are superior: pirates or ninjas.

I'm firmly on the side of ninjas. Mr Bibliosaur is a pirate groupie. So when it comes to the Bibliosaur Bebbehs expected next year, we'd clearly reached an impasse. Forget sex, money or religion - how do you raise children in a house divided over such a critical matter as who would win in an epic pirate-ninja battle? So we decided: if we had girls, they'd be ninjas like their brilliant mama. Boys would be pirates, like their well meaning but clearly deluded daddy (ahem).

And with the big, gender revealing ultrasound only a week away*, the question of the day is: will the Bibliosaur Bebbehs be pirates or ninjas? Keep in mind that they're identical twins, so we'll be getting a matched set -- none of this one-of-each business.

Here's what the plethora of stunningly inaccurate old wives' tales have to say on the matter:

I didn't have morning sickness early on (I did have it, but it didn't show up right away).
I'm looking good during pregnancy, or so Mr Bibliosaur tells me...although he'd probably still say that if I stopped bathing and grew a snaggletooth, because he knows what's good for him.
I crave salty/sour/savory foods, not sweet.
Average baby heartrate is below 140 (boys supposedly have lower heartrates than girls).
My belly looks like a basketball, not a watermelon.

I'm carrying high.
The hair on my legs isn't growing any faster than it did before.
My feet aren't any colder than they were pre-pregnancy.
My nose hasn't changed during pregnancy (who the hell comes up with this stuff?).
The Chinese Gender chart says girl.

And what do the parents-to-be think? Well, as much as I'd enjoy getting to have the upper hand in all matters PvN in our house, I think we're having boys. No real reason why, but I will be genuinely shocked if they turn out to be ninjas.

Mr Bibliosaur, on the other hand, is 100% convinced we're having girls. When I asked him for a reason, he said, "Having twin teenage girls with boys sniffing around them would be serious karmic payback for all of my horny adolescent fantasies." Can't argue with that, can you?

But really, let's be honest: we have a 50/50 chance, and one way or the other, either Mr Bibliosaur or I will be right. So what do YOU think?

*Yes, we will be finding out the gender. No, I do not think it's one of the few great mysteries in life and want to "wait to be surprised." I'll STILL be surprised. Just 20 weeks earlier.

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