Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I believe in miracles

Today I had my 11th acupuncture session. Last week I debated about going again because I just didn´t feel anything last time, and I felt like I would never get pregnant.

I don´t know what happened, but as I sat in the recliner today with all 14 of the needles, I felt something. I felt strangely calm, and I felt a gentle tingling sensation where the needles in my belly were. I felt the energy flowing and felt completely relaxed and at peace with my situation. It popped into my head that I believe in miracles. I do believe that God works in mysterious ways. I don´t know if I will have a miracle baby or not, but I believe in miracles which gives me hope. Hope that things might just work out for me. Maybe that means having a biological child, and maybe it doesn´t. I don´t know. But I believe in miracles, and I believe that there is still hope for me. Hope. That´s a feeling I haven´t felt in a long, long time. I feel that today´s session was money well spent. And on that note I will end today´s post. Full of hope and peace.


  1. Thats awesome, keep positive! Praying for you !

  2. Sending you all the best for your own little miracle!

  3. That's awesome! One of my BFFs tried to get PG for over a year with no success...accupuncture finally did it for her. Miracles do happen. Keep the faith.