Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Riding the roller coaster

I'd been warned that morning sickness sometimes returns later in a pregnancy, usually around the third trimester. So when I started feeling oddly sick late last week, I initially attributed it to my old friend nausea rearing its ugly head again.

And then it went away.

And then it was back.

Away. Back. Away. Back. Often multiple times a day, and the weird thing was that it didn't feel like morning sickness. Don't get me wrong - I felt nauseated. But it was a different kind of nausea...kind of like motion sickness. Do you know the feeling when you're on a roller coaster and your stomach feels like it's dropping out of your body? You don't exactly feel like you're going to throw up (well, some people do, haha!), but you feel unsettled, like your insides are sloshing around. But of course, I wasn't going on any roller coasters, and most of the time when I felt it, I wasn't even in a car - just sitting peacefully on the couch or lying in bed.

Finally I realized that it wasn't me - it was the babies. I've started feeling them much more over the last week or so, and since there are two of them in there, space is already getting a little cramped. And every time they started vigorously flipping around, I began feeling queasy.

At first I thought I must be crazy. I'd never heard or read of anyone else feeling sick solely from fetal movement! But, lo and behold, a quick google search showed that other women (like these ladies) feel the same thing. The explanation I've read is that the baby is pushing up on your stomach and making it churn, which sounds logical enough. But it's still utterly bizarre to be peacefully reading a book or using my laptop and suddenly feel like I'm charging down a massive drop on a roller coaster! Has anyone else experienced this?

P.S. Good news! After eating like a mofo for the last month, with a big focus on protein and full fat dairy, I've finally managed to claw my way to the midrange of the recommended weight gain for someone with my BMI (as you may recall, I'm hardly an underweight waif, but I was struggling to put on enough pounds). I'm now pretty much exactly on target for my 22 weeks - this is a huge relief and I can finally relax a bit, knowing I'll be able to meet the all important week 28 goal!


  1. Yes! When my baby started moving around 21 weeks it totally made me feel nauseas. In a way I felt bad that it did, but I couldn't help it. Even now, she kicks me just above my belly button, especially after I eat and it totally makes me feel queasy.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling queasy!

  3. Hang on honey!! The rollercoaster ride begins AFTER the babies come!!! Hugs!

    Happy New Year and thank you for visiting on my special SITS day!!