Monday, December 7, 2009

My Husband's Getting His Little Hockey Player!

We had the ultrasound I was most looking forward to last week, and although the tech couldn't tell me for sure..... It's a boy!

I did my research before we went and studied pictures of other ultrasounds at the same time frame as our little one, and could see a little "something" between our baby's legs! The ultrasound tech confirmed it with a knowing look, and I think she was one of those nice ones that likes to bend the rules a little.

When we were doing the medical part of the ultrasound my husband wasn't allowed in the room, and I didn't realize how long it was taking, but he was getting pretty worried when he saw three separate couples go in and out before he went in. The baby is posititioned so that his head is near my ribs and his face is towards my spine, so the ultrasound tech was having alot of trouble getting his measurements. She kept asking me to turn over, turn back, and lay on my back, over and over again. He just wouldn't move, so she even tried to use the device to poke him over, and good grief it hurt! I think I had a bruise for a few days under my ribs!

So when I understood how difficult it was for her to get what she needed I was scared that she might not be able to get the gender either, but when I asked she smiled and said, "I already got that picture, do you want to see?" I, of course, said yes, and that's when I noticed the little package he's carrying. Then later on she was trying to get a profile picture, and again he wasn't cooperating, but she said, " see that, poking up?" With what I saw and the way she acted I'm almost positive it's a boy! It's very exciting!

Also, I'm finally starting to feel something too! It seemed like it was taking forever, but I am starting to feel what I can only compare to a tiny muscle spasm deep inside. I felt it for the first time when we were out at lunch on a Sunday and I said to my husband that I thought I felt something and as I was saying it it did it again. I said if it does it one more time it's definitely the baby, and it did mere seconds later! Then I didn't feel anything again for a few days, and now it's happening more frequently!

I have started gaining a little weight I think too. I am noticing a minute increase in my appetite, and at least am making more of an effort to eat even when I'm not interested in it. So, I hope the baby is healthy. I go in for my next midwife appointment on the 16th, so I will check my weight again on the scale I like to use there, and I think I can expect an increase of about five pounds. I have struggled with my weight ever since adolescence and it feels very strange to be worried about how much weight I'm NOT gaining. I'm definitely not trying to diet or anything like that, but I am worried about the lack of vegetables I'm getting. The thought of them still makes me gag, and I have to try to sneak them into things so I don't notice so much that they are in there. Thankfully my husband has been great and makes dinner almost every night so he can sneak a little better than I can. I'm so thankful for him!

I am still struggling so hard to balance work, being so tired, school, and my part time job. It's not coming together as easily as I thought it would! I have neglected my school and part time job so badly that I'm scared about how I'm going to get it all done. I am plagued with headaches and being so tired makes it incredibly difficult to get through my regular eight hour day let alone doing everything else on top of that! I am trying so hard to stay calm and not stressed, but being a naturally anxious person does not help me in that area. The holiday season is only going to make it more difficult to get things done, but I do have about ten days off at the end of December to hopefully get some neglected things done! The sad thing is that I actually miss my schoolwork, and wish it just wasn't so overwhelming right now!

Anyway, more soon! Wish me luck with organizing my much too chaotic life!

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  1. I hope you get some of your energy back soon. Congrats on finding out it is (probably) a boy!