Friday, December 4, 2009

A Second Opinion

Yesterday, I met with my former OB-GYN and it was a much more pleasant, positive, and informing experience.

When we first arrived, we sat and talked for a few moments about if we wanted to get pregnant, when I last took birth control, when my last period was, anything that's been going on, the cramps, etc.

He left the room for a few minutes so that I could undress and get ready for an exam.

Mr. Joggersaur insisted on staying in the room with me... just in case anything was wrong.

Part of me was thankful, and part of me was slightly embarassed.

The doctor came back in and performed my exam. It was like a normal pap, except when everything was in place, he says, "Let's get a better look at your cervix." And shoves whatever they use down there even farther up in my cervix causing me to cringe.

He looked around, takes a sample, and feels around.

At this point, I couldn't even look at Mr. Joggersaur, because it's moments like this (when I'm completely uncomfortable) that I'm slightly immature, and would have totally busted out laughing.

When the exam is finished, the doctor leaves so I can get dressed and to put the sample under a microscope.

He returns and we talk for quite awhile.

He said my cervix looked really good. There was no swelling, no abnormalities, and everything felt good. And my cervical mucus sample looked good. He said it was thick.

He suggested that some of my cramping could be trapped air from frequent sex and maybe even changing positions, or it could be from emotions (good or bad stresses), and even bowel obstruction.

I was in with him for almost an hour.

I left with a perscription for progesterone to get things going. Instructions on how to take my basal body temp, because even though my cycles have been regular for awhile, it's only been a year since they were irregular. He suggested taking Citrucel for regular bowel function. And to keep taking my pre-natal vitamin.

After we left the dr's office, we went to the nearest Walgreens to stock up on supplies.

We bought a good themometer, a can of Citrucel, and ibuprofin.

I immediately popped in a couple of ibuprofin. The dr said I could take up to 2400 mg a day. The dr I saw the other day told me not to take anything!

After the pills were down, I started playing with the themometer on the long drive back "to the city".

Once home, I read all the instructions for the Citrucel and proceeded to take my first dose.

It said it would take 12-72 hours to take effect.

Let me tell you, it did not take that long.

Less than two before I was in the potty.

The first trip wasn't too bad. The second trip was only slightly painful. But the third trip was excrutiating!

I was completely drained after so much pooping. And I hurt in the same spot I had been hurting for weeks.

I told Mr. Joggersaur I wouldn't be taking that any more because there couldn't be anything left in me. He said you are taking it every single day, just like the dr said.

But I did get him to agree to taking just 1/2 a scoop instead of 1.

I took my temperature this morning and marked it down on the charts the dr gave me, but I will probably be setting up a fertility friend chart in the near future.


  1. It is great that you went back to a doctor you trust and are comfortable with. I recommend fertilty friend it has so many great features. Good Luck!

  2. Good luck with your charting. Sounds like you found a good doctor!