Friday, December 18, 2009

Going well so far

You may remember that at our last appointment, the midwife was a bit concerned with my rapid weight gain. I had gained 10 lbs in one month, putting me up 25 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight (which was still a good bit above where I really should've been anyway). Add to that my family history of pre-eclampsia and being at a higher risk of gestational diabetes, and the midwife was quite ready to put the breaks on my weight gain.

She prescribed a diet heavy in proteins, and light on carbohydrates. Whole grains okay. Veggies good. Fruits okay, as long as they were lower on the glycemic index.

So I started the new eating plan immediately - right before Thanksgiving. I made it through Thanksgiving with only a taste of apple pie and not a bit of any other dessert. After that first week, it got immeasurably easier.
I spent half of my college years on Weight Watchers, so I'm used to restricted eating. But this time around is much easier, I must say. Because I'm eating lots of protein and good carbs, I stay full longer. I snack frequently - but now it's things like almonds, hummus with whole grain crackers, or an apple. And amazingly, even during pregnancy, my appetite has gone down. I'm no longer eating everything in sight!

I stepped on the scale about a week ago, and I was already down 4 lbs from my last appointment! Considering how much extra weight I had on me, this is definitely a good thing! I know I've been eating plenty, and baby Citysaur is definitely growing in there. We have another appointment next week, and I think the midwife will be very pleased!
Honestly, I believe the key to my success this time is the source of my motivation. I'm no longer doing this for me. Now I'm doing it for our little baby, and it really does amaze me what a huge difference that makes! It's Christmastime, and that means lots and lots of sweets - everywhere. Cookies and fudge and pies and cakes, all over the place. Sweet treats almost every day at work. And so far, I have resisted every bit of it! The only splurge I've had this whole time was a piece of the top layer of our wedding cake at our anniversary celebration last weekend. (It was quite yummy!) I don't think I've ever been this good at the holidays before!
I really hope all this will keep me healthy the rest of the pregnancy, and allow us to have the birth experience we're hoping for - not to mention keeping our baby boy healthy as well! I suppose time will tell, but I at least feel good that I'm doing the best that I can for him now.

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  1. Good for you for being able to control your eating. I know that it is hard but it must be even harder when you are pregnant. I am glad to hear it is making you feel better as well.