Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snowy Days and Slippery Roads

Thankfully this post ends positively, but it was a very close call!

On Monday morning I was driving our Jeep (with 4x4 and fabulous tires) to the nearest city to finish up my Christmas shopping when the unthinkable happened. It was the first morning of snow and I was driving extra carefully with road conditions in my little town the way they are, and I began to slide. I didn't even have time to think, but I tried to frantically stop the slide- to no avail. Before I knew it I was bumping and banging full tilt down a huge embankment on the side of the road, and while I thought I would never stop, a huge tree had other ideas. I finally smashed into a tree at what felt like great speed. The air bags went off and my glasses went flying off my face. I can't describe the panicky feeling of thinking that I would be trapped in a smoke filled vehicle at the bottom of a what I considered a ravine, and on top of it I couldn't see! I had to literally stop myself sternly and take a deep breath and make a plan. I managed to open the window so that I could breathe and find my cell phone on the floor completely covered my everything that used to be in my purse. As I undid my seatbelt I had to simultaneously pray that the car wouldn't shift and move further down the embankment and that I would have cell service in a place that usually doesn't.

I don't know how, but nothing on my body was broken, and I felt only mild discomfort under the adrenaline. I phoned my husband and (for his sake) thankfully he didn't answer so I called my Father in Law next, and I am so proud that I didn't give in to the panic I was feeling and said very calmly to him, "Hi, I have been in a fairly serious accident, and I am going to need some help. Can you please come and get me?" He must have been so confused at first. I couldn't even tell exactly where I was, and I was SO scared that no one would be able to find me because you couldn't see the jeep from the road unless you were looking for it.

Eventually some lovely, lovely people came when they happened to actually see the slide marks in combination with my taillights. They climbed down to my car and hoisted/dragged me up the embankment through some seriously rough terrain. I will be forever grateful that they were there. It helped me so much to make small talk rather than freak out. I began feeling cramping, and I was terrified that the accident had hurt the baby. I was convinced I would see blood everywhere when I got checked out. What a feeling.

My husband, my FIL, and our family friend came to the rescue, and were appalled that I had walked out of the accident with only bruises. The jeep had travelled forty feet down and straight into a huge tree. My husband and I drove straight to the hospital while my FIL organized getting the Jeep towed out.

What a great experience at the hospital, and to my relief it confirmed my decision to choose that hospital for the birth. The nurses were magnificent and performed every test they could to appease my mind and make sure the baby and I were ok. I am so thankful that they made such a terrifying and possibly tragic experience so safe and comforting.

I was given a physical for my injuries (mainly gigantic bruising), blood and urine tests, and the baby was checked quickly with an ultrasound for a heartbeat, then an ultrasound for the placenta (which they let Ryan in to see the baby again), and a non stress test. Everything but for my urine test checked out ok! They found some red blood in my urine that I am to watch carefully for any changes, but otherwise, miraculously, both my little guy and I are ok! I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I couldn't speak.

Now I am feeling the effects of some pelvis pain that discourages me from walking or making any quick movements. I have an abrasion on my face and the biggest bruises I have ever seen on my boobs, shoulders, and legs. All of this is nothing in comparison to what could have happened and I am so thankful to be alive. It truly feels like a Christmas miracle.

I have to make my insurance claim today and the only hugely worrisome thing about this experience is that we may not get a fair reimbursement from our insurance company. I know I shouldn't be worried about that, but the jeep was my husband's baby and I feel a tremendous amount of guilt that this happened even though it was not my fault. I hope it works out as best as possible.

On a bright note, I am feeling the baby so much more than before! The ultrasound confirmed that the baby is still head near my ribs and facing my spine, so the non stress test nurse made a note on my file because apparently they need to keep their eye on it if he remains breech. I think it's much too early to worry about that!

I have an appointment with my midwife today, so I will mention that, but I think it's going to be a fairly normal appointment. I am slightly worried about weight gain as it seems to have increased rapidly this month considering I didn't gain anything for so long! I wouldn't be surprised if I gained close to ten pounds! Shocking, I know!

So, to leave off with a message, PLEASE, please, be careful driving. An accident is terrifying no matter what, but with a baby housed inside you it's a much different experience!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and stays safe!


  1. Oh my gosh I am sooo glad to hear that everyone is ok. I can't imagine how scary that must have been. You are right it really was a miracle!

  2. Wow! What a drama, I can't imagine how you must have been feeling. So glad you and the little one are ok though. Take it easy!