Friday, December 11, 2009


As if the holidays aren't naturally a time of reflection, Mr. Citysaur and I are coming up on our one-year anniversary, which is causing me to reflect back and think on where I was this time last year, and everything that has happened in the year since.

One year ago today, I was finishing up my last day of work before my long vacation for the wedding and honeymoon.

I was anxious and excited, and could hardly focus on work at all.

One year ago this coming Monday, I married the love of my live. December 14, 2008 was one of the most wonderful days I've had the pleasure of experiencing.

One year ago today, we were both excited about our upcoming honeymoon to New York City. We hadn't yet visited Central Park, or walked the Brooklyn Bridge...

hadn't fallen in love with the City of our dreams, and we didn't know for sure that one day we'd end up there. It hasn't happened yet, but we know it will. And we still miss that city every single day.

One year ago today, I had no idea my father had lung cancer. He was about to walk me down the aisle, and dance with me to What a Wonderful World. We had no idea that he wouldn't live to see the one-year anniversary of that day.

One year ago today, I knew I wanted to start a family, and hopefully soon. I had no idea just how soon we would actually get that joyous news that we were going to be parents. And I certainly didn't imagine that while celebrating our one-year anniversary, I would be six months pregnant.

A lot has happened in the last year. It's been full of the highest highs and the lowest lows. I've tried my best to take everything in stride and remain grounded and stable. I know with a baby on the way, 2010 promises to be full of plenty more surprises. Here's to the next year!
And to my wonderful, amazing husband - thank you so very much for being by my side throughout this tumultuous year. I know it hasn't always been easy, but I am so proud of us and how we've grown even closer because of everything. I cannot wait to raise our son together. I know you are going to be the best daddy ever!


  1. Very touching...congrats on your first wedding anniversary.

  2. Happy 1st Anniversary! Your post was very heartfelt and touching. Thank you.

  3. Hugs. I know you must be missing your dad...

    Congrats on your one year anniversary.

  4. Happy 1st anniversary!

    I'm sorry about your dad. :-(

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  5. Happy anniversary! I know how hard it is to lose you dad, too. Mine passed shortly after I got engaged.

    Happy SITS sharefest

  6. Wow, what a year!

    Congrats on the wedding and the baby! *hug* I'm so sorry about your dad. I lost my mom 3 years ago and I understand how hard it is.

    Also, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! And I look forward to next years relection. :)

  7. What a moving post.

    I lost my dad last year when my number 5 baby was just 3 months old.

    I know it really turns your world upside down.

    That baby will be such a wonderful healing blessing to you.

    And can you believe I am SO JEALOUS you will have a tiny little newborn in just a blink?

    I know---I have baby issues...clearly.

    Best wishes and enjoy that pregnancy :)

  8. Aw, Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! What a difference a year makes.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! Here's my Sharefest link to my Follow Me post:

  9. Wow. That's quite the year. Congrats on the baby and your anniversary...I know your dad will be watching over you from wherever he is.

    Happy Sharefest!

  10. Sounds like you made it through and eventful year. Sorry to hear about your father. I'm sure he's watching you today on your anniversary and will be there, in spirit, for the birth of your child.

    Congrats on living life, and living it well...I'm sure he's proud.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Wonderful site you have here. Can't wait to come back and look around.

    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?

  11. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    What gorgeous pictures!! I truly hope that 2010 is a wonderful year filled with all the joy of being a parent!

  12. YaaaY!! Happy Anniversary...I hope your second year of marriage brings only happy times! Best wishes!

  13. I hope you have a fantastic 2nd year of marriage!

    Enjoy the next few months! It does just fly by! In a blink, you'll have your litle one with you!

    Love, btw, your very organized method of baby name picking!

    Visting from SITS...happy share-fest!

  14. Best wishes, and Happy Anniversary!

    It all goes by so fast, but growing close feels so good. I love the time I spend with hubby, and my children. It is all about magical moments!

  15. I am stopping over from SITS this morning. I love your blog title! So creative and fun. I am SO sorry for the loss of your father. I can not even begin to imagine. But I can imagine that you are extremely sad and you miss him very much. He looks like a wonderfully happy man from the wedding picture. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy and your life. Congratulations on 1 year of marriage... It is a roller coaster for sure! And now you are adding a new baby to the mix. How wonderful will that be?

  16. Stopping by from SITS! It sounds like you've had a jam-packed year. I am so sorry to hear about your father, but I am sure he will be looking down at his grandchild in a few months with pride and joy for you and your family!

    I always wanted to be a Christmas bride-- the colors are just so gorgeous! You were lovely!


  17. just stopping in to say hi! Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Beautifulpictures! stop by