Friday, March 12, 2010

My Naturopathic Consultation

Yesterday, I went to a Naturopathic Fertility Clinic for an initial consultation. I had found the clinic by searching on the Internet for somewhere nearby to purchase PreSeed. When I went to buy the PreSeed, I was very impressed by the calm, relaxing atmosphere in the clinic. Since I am waiting to see a Fertility Specialist, I decided to try some naturopathic support in the meantime. Both Mr. Pharmasaur and I prefer to enhance our fertility by natural means before starting drug therapy. This is interesting since we are both the in the pharmaceutical field!

I really liked the Naturopath (ND). She was very warm, friendly, understanding and knowledgeable. I had filled out a 12 page form with all of my pertinent information to bring along with me. The ND asked me questions related to this and did some Chinese medicine work (looking at my tongue and taking the pulses in my wrist.) She asked me about lifestyle choices such as waking, bed and mealtimes. Then the ND made her recommendations.

She encouraged me to try to settle into a routine for waking, bed and mealtimes which will help support my adrenal gland function. This will be tricky with my current work schedule as my hours vary consistently even within the same week.

As for exercise, the Naturopath urged me to continue walking. She said if I could fit in swimming once or twice a week, that would be great. She didn't recommend starting an intense exercise routine as it could disrupt my system even further. I love to swim and I am looking forward to getting back to the pool soon.

Then the ND made her nutritional recommendations:

Breakfast - protein, fruit, dairy and grain

Lunch - protein and vegetables (at least 50% of the meal!)

Dinner - protein and vegetables (sometimes a grain: limited to brown rice, quinoa or buckwheat)

Snack - fruit and/or vegetable with protein

She also recommended eating raw ground flax and raw pumpkin seeds every day. Raw chia, sunflower and ground sesame seeds are also encouraged occasionally.

I am supposed to consume 1 to 1.5 L of water each day. Clear, herbal teas can be included in this total.

The ND recommended an herb called vitex agnus castus (or chastetree/berry) to help increase my LH production and thereby increasing progesterone levels. This herb needs to be stopped as soon as I get pregnant.

As for supplements, the ND suggested that I continue with my prenatal vitamin and vitamin D. She recommended zinc, vitamin B6, calcium capsules, co-enzyme Q10 and fish oil supplements.

By analyzing my history, my current cycle irregularity, my tongue, and my pulses, the ND suspects I am deficient in zinc and progesterone. The chasteberry should help to regulate my cycles. Hopefully, by the time I get in to see the fertility specialist, my body will be more hormonally balanced again.

I am going back to see the ND in one month for a followup visit. The Naturopath wants to try some acupuncture then. She assured me that once I follow the diet and supplement plan that I will feel fantastic. My biggest challenge will be decreasing the sugars that I eat. I know that this new plan is healthy, balanced, sensible and simple. Even if it doesn't help me to conceive (fingers crossed that it will!) , I feel that it will improve my overall health.

I am very glad that I went to the clinic. I have done a lot of research on foods, herbs and supplements for fertility. I have read about many options on the Internet. I wasn't sure which combinations were right for me, so I'm glad that I have a health professional's recommendations and follow up care now.


  1. So interesting! Definitely keep us updated on how you go with this (especially the diet - I know what a challenge it is to cut down on sugars, especially because they hide in all kinds of foods!). :-)

  2. interesting - glad you found something to try that will work for you!