Friday, March 5, 2010

A Little Boy's Wish

I've held on to this piece for some time now. I always wanted to use it in my personal blog but never had the courage to post it. I feel this is a better place for this post and hope it gives a little better insight as to why having another child is so important to DH & I.

I feel pretty lucky to be the eldest of five children. Sure there were times growing up that I didn't always feel this way. The time my little bothers decided to drive a remote control car through my hair... not so much! The many times people would ask how old my daughter was... never too excited to answer that question. But now that my siblings are all grown up, (almost anyway), I feel truly blessed to have them in my life. 

It's hard for me to imagine life w/out siblings. My hubby waited twenty years for a little sister... I'd say it was well worth the wait! DH and I had always said that we would wait till DS turned two and then begin trying for a brother or sister for him. God has had different plans for us and at times that wait has been almost unbearable. Still, we hold out hope that one day it will be the right time for us.

A few months ago I read an article in my Parents magazine about a little boy who was wishing for a brother or sister. The parents had been trying for years to conceive a second child and had almost given up hope. The boy had never mentioned that he secretly longed for a sibling and it was only after a PT conference at his school, that they discovered his wish. The parents were asked to look through a group of drawings done by the boy's classmates and himself. They were to find the picture that their son had drawn... the pictures were family portraits. After looking and looking the mother finally picked a picture of a family consisting of a mom & dad, a little boy and a baby. She had picked right.

When the parents asked their son why he had drawn the baby in their family's portrait he told them he was the only child in his class w/out a sibling and that he hoped someday he'd have one too! The boy got his wish and the article went on to tell about an essay the boy had written about his little brother. It was very moving and as I stood in our kitchen in tears, DS looked at me and asked, "what's wrong Mommy, why are you crying?"

The thought of DS growing up alone breaks my heart! We've asked him several times if he'd like to have a baby brother or sister and he always says yes but he's very young and until we had this conversation, I thought it was just an answer.

I watch a little boy a couple times a month. He has been coming to stay with us since he was only 4 weeks old. DS loves spending time with him! A few months ago, DS and I were busy "talking through the animals", as I like to call it... (it's play that involves the both of us pretending to be an animal and saying the things we think they'd say to one another.) DS was a bee and I was a dragonfly. The bee asked the dragonfly if he had a brother, I answered "yes", (for the dragonfly). The dragonfly asked the bee if he had any brothers or sisters, the bee answered, "Yes, I have a little brother. He doesn't sleep at out house but we take care of him and I wish he lived w/ us."

I went on to explain to DS that "baby boy" would miss his Mommy and his Mommy would miss him. He then asked if we could have a baby come live w/ us... I wasn't sure what to say. I told him that Daddy and I would like that very much and we would try really hard to make that happen for our family. And that's what gets me through all of the frustration and heartache that comes w/ TTC!


  1. Wow! You hit the nail on the head with that one! It is so nice to know that there are others out there who can relate to the heartwrenching emotion that comes along with TTC for a sibling. I really appreciate your posts.

  2. Beautiful post! Wishing you lots of babydust to make your hope a reality :-)

  3. Precious! I have a 3 year old son...I do not want him to be an only child either. But, I have myasthenia gravis, and having him almost killed me. My heart breaks about it though. I really want more kids...
    Stopping by from SITS!

  4. I hope that your prayer is answered. We decided due to our ages to just have one. I am 45 and my husband is 51.
    JDaniel has noticed others having siblings and has patted my tummy to ask about a baby. No I tell him. We got the best God had for us the first time.

  5. Stopping by from SITS! Praying for you and your family!

  6. Stopping by from SITS! Good luck to you! Thinking about how much my daughter would love a sibling got me through two and half hours of pushing with my son!

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words! This is going to be such an exciting adventure getting to know some many amazing Moms! (Since I'm still a little new to all of this, can someone tell me what SITS is? A lot of you are stopping by from there and I am curious as to where that is?!)