Thursday, March 4, 2010

I like to have things spelled out

In all things fertility, I like to have things spelled out for me. And the clearer and simpler, the better. Hence, why I purchased the CBEFM, which I great big puffy heart right now. No, really. My CBEFM is the boss. Whatever it says, goes. When it says my fertility is high I know it´s time to get down to business, and when it says Peak, well then it´s time to really, really make an effort. In the past I relied on temping and my VIP membership at Fertility Friend to help, but I let my VIP membership lapse and just used the basic features for charting, doing the guess work on my own. Totally do-able if your cycle is fairly regular and you´ve gotten the hang of things, but not as much fun as letting someone else do it! But I do love that they´ve already figured out my due date for me--always the optimist!

I logged into my FF account to add my fertility signs and my monitor readings and discovered that Fertility Friend had given me another 5 day trial! What perfect timing as I actually had some data to use. I love the calendar, and I love that it spells everything out so neatly. So my test date is March 18th. Now I have no reason to test early because FF has so very kindly spelled it out for me.

Oh, and should I not get KU this cycle, my predicted O date is April 1st....could this be an April Fool´s joke? I guess we´ll find out, or not.

I love the testing count-down shown on my chart. It would probably be more fun to look at my chart if it actually had some temperatures in it, but I gave that up in December. Maybe I should start again? Nah, my monitor is way more fun.

And last but not least, the cycle wheel. I´m such a nerd. You can never have to many graphics to represent your cycle....


  1. I love my CBEFM too - especially since I finally got a peak reading last cycle. Yay for your high intercourse timing score! Looking good - got my fingers crossed that you'll get your BFP on March 18th!

  2. I also like FF I use it to keep my stats on how I am feeling and like you I don't temp. Sounds like your CBFM really is a dream machine. Good luck with everything!