Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ovulation Time I Think?

Being diagnosed with PCOS makes sense. My cycles jump all over the place. Last time I went from 63 days to 28 days and today is day 29. I was supposed to go to the RE's office last Monday to see if I had ovulated but I wanted to wait and see if AF came on her own. I was getting the right CM around day 14 which would be on par for course for a 28 day cycle. My CM even dried up for a few days but then it started getting creamy. Monday the Mister and I went and saw a movie at lunch time and when I went to the bathroom I checked the t.p. (because that is what people who are trying do) and saw EWCM. I thought maybe it was a fluke. After the movie I of course had to go again and there it was again. So I told the hubs to get ready for baby dancing tonight.

Although I thought I may have ovulated earlier I never felt ovulation pains which is weird for me. This time I felt it last night so I am pretty sure I ovulated last night plus my EWCM continued big time yesterday, it was the most I have seen yet. So hopefully that is a great sign and we have been baby dancing every day since Monday and will continue until Friday.

Mr. Relaxasaur and I have been talking about fertility treatments or the possibility of just waiting. Some people say to just wait because our insurance wont cover fertility treatments. Humana said they would cover diagnosing but now I am getting billed $764 because they are denying the claims. We have been torn but sitting and waiting for my ovulation is exhausting because you never know when its going to come. We decided that we were going to wait this cycle and if it doesn't happen then we will go in for the clomid treatment.

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