Friday, March 26, 2010

Picture Perfect

I had a really good appointment today as you can all see! My EDD is November 4th and we can't wait to take the first picture of our son holding this baby! My Dr. ordered a sonogram today to take a closer look at the baby and make sure that everything is on track, and everything looked good. I am so thankful that I had my son along today so he could be there for our first look at his new baby brother or sister... it was such a special moment!
He had a lot of questions for the radiologist, everything from, "Where did you get your computer?" "Why do you have to put lotion on Mommy's tummy?" And, "What is that weird thing you are holding?" He also informed her that "Mommy's baby is tiny and Aunt T's baby is big!" (We have been showing him pictures every week of what the baby looks like compared to my sister-in-law's baby.) The radiologist also let him take the pictures out of the computer which made his day... he told her then that he was a really good helper, and she agreed!
My next visit will be pretty routine but my Dr. is contacting a high risk OBGYN in a bigger town to discuss some issues that I've had with blood clots. She feels that it may be necessary to run another round of blood tests to check for any possible problems we may face with clotting. I am relieved to finally feel as though I am being taken seriously and that I truly am being given the kind of care I expect.
At 8 weeks I am still nervous about making it past the 1st trimester but feel much more at ease this time around. I will continue to do what I can to make sure that my DS gets his happy ending too!

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