Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Bye

This last year has been a little crazy for me. This time last year I was going through my surgery and learning about HPV. Since then we bought a house, I got accepted to graduate school (I start this fall),went off birth control, decided to try for a baby and got diagnosed with PCOS. Being diagnosed has given me a sense of relief because now we have options. My RE recommend starting with clomid. We have given it some thought and then decided since we have a Vegas trip coming up in June and we are not going to make any decisions until after the trip. We are self pay since our insurance wont cover anything. They aren't even covering the diagnostics tests like they said they would.

Anyways, my cycles are just a little too crazy and I am not even sure what is going on with my ovulation this time around. Not knowing makes it hard to blog about because every week has been the same thing, the unknown. Normally I can pinpoint my ovulation but this cycle is different. I gave up caffeine and alcohol for lent and my body is adjusting by giving me all sorts of twinges in uterus and ovary area so I am not sure if I have ovulated yet.

Mr. Relaxasaur and I are just baby dancing when we feel like and are trying to not put more pressure on ourselves. This whole process has taken a lot of the romance out and has made it sort of mechanical like. We want to shy away from that and just learn to appreciate our life the way it is, not the way we wish it were. It is not that we are taking a break we are just not in a rush. Because of all this I am not going to be blogging on Pregosaur anymore. I will come here everyday to check for updates and I wish everyone trying or KU a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.


  1. I will miss your blogging and I understand your decision. I wish you all the best on your TTC journey and going to grad school! Take care.

  2. We'll miss you, but I can understand. Good luck with TTC - I hope you get your BFP soon!