Tuesday, March 30, 2010

37 Weeks and the Countdown is ON!

Ok, last week I was so anxious and worried about what was going to take place this week, and I'm so happy to say that I have no reason to be alarmed anymore, or at least for the moment! The little man has turned back around and according to both my midwife and the ultrasound he is fairly firmly planted deep between my pelvic bones... HEAD DOWN! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Thanks to everyone that commented on my last post and wished me good luck- it worked!

We are back on track and now I'm just trying to make it through the days and enjoy the little time left with this baby safe inside. I don't have a ton of time to enjoy it, but I'm really trying to save a couple of hours late at night to spend with my husband just relaxing. It's hard when there are visual reminders of the chaos our lives are in right now under my nose at every turn.

My husband is unfortunately not working very much right now as he is between jobs, and although I'm not worried about this being a long term thing, I am worried about the transition that will take place once the baby comes. It's fairly stressful being the main income when I could pop at any given time without notice. I take overtime when I can and try to stay calm about it all, but I keep thinking about the time it will take for my benefits to kick in and my husbands next job to pay him... Thankfully we have a great support system around us and I know that we won't starve, but you know.... I just don't want to think about this right now especially when I'm really starting to slow down and even though I love my job I would rather be able to work six hours a day if I need to than try to do ten... Ah well, what doesn't kill you, right?

My feet and ankles have started the swell! I don't find it painful necessarily but it certainly looks strange! Other than being unable to get up sometimes from a laying down or sitting down position and the aggressive heartburn I actually feel better than I have in months! I feel a little more tired than usual especially when doing errands or packing or cleaning, but I could handle this for a bit longer!

The renovations are coming along very nicely and should be completed just in the nick of time provided the baby doesn't come early. I'm so proud and thankful to have such great friends (and husband) that helped us out with everything from plumbing to drywall! I will never be able to repay them, but they are in my thoughts every day! The house should be livable in about two and a half to three weeks and we are getting so excited to see it coming together from an empty shell.

We are going to start painting really soon and that means that I (haha, I mean my husband) can start moving our stuff into the house even if it's just in one room and kept in the boxes. I want to have our rental house as clean as possible so that our landlords can show it, and also so that the cleaning will be done before baby.

I still haven't quite made the connection that after I go into labour there will be an actual baby to take care of after. I am totally ready for the labour part of things and am actually kind of excited (in a sick way) to experience the challenge of this birth. However, then what?? I hope I naturally get that mothering instinct thing, but right now it just seems crazy that there will be a little person to take care of soon!

Anyway, I have an appointment tomorrow so I will update again soon :) Thanks again for all your kind words last time! I think they helped!



  1. I had to laugh at the bit about not quite making the connection that there will be an actual baby after you go into labor - I'm feeling the same way right now! It just seems so...I don't know...academic? Like I know it intellectually, but I'm not sure it's really sunk in lol.

  2. Exactly! I feel like I have gotten so caught up in preparing for the labour and delivery part that it seems insanely hard to get ready for the next completely unpreparable (word?) part. And you are right I mean I know it logically, but.... you know....