Friday, March 5, 2010

The "To-Do" List

A while back my DH and I saw a commercial for a new sitcom about married couples. I can't recall now what the show was called but a one-liner stood out to me for obvious reasons. The wife said to her husband, "Do you feel as though the romance has sort of vanished now that we have to add sex to our to-do list?"

Does anyone else feel this way? I totally relate to this character every month when our week of "hopeful baby-making" comes. Both calendars in our house have this week marked in different colors to show which days are more important that we stay awake long enough to try. It's not at all about showing each other love and affection anymore but rather about making sure that we are giving it our best shot for the month!

I think we are both a little relieved when the week has passed, the pressure's off and neither one of us have to worry about being in the mood or not. We can do what we married couples do, watch sitcoms and go to bed early!


  1. I can definitely relate as we are currently in that week of hopeful baby-making!

  2. Good luck to you and happy "hopeful baby-making"!

  3. I hear ya on this one. The magic week has just passed for us and when Thursday rolled around the hubby rolled over and said can we just have the night off and watch some house. How could I say no.